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Fostering Teens for Bright Futures

Teenagers. Even at their best, they sometimes get a bad rap. But let’s focus here on the amazing qualities of teenagers.

They are value driven.

They are funny.

They are creative.

They are intelligent.

They are curious.

They are resilient. 

They are willing to take risks.

They are loving.

They believe the world is full of possibilities.

They may push boundaries, but in the end, they just want a caring adult who will keep them safe and love them no matter what.

This is true for all teens, and especially teens who are in foster care through no fault of their own. But the sad reality is older youth have the most difficult time being placed in foster homes, and if they are eligible for adoption, finding a forever home. 

In Franklin County, teens in the foster care system are waiting for a family to support them. Some of these teens need foster care for only a short time, while others are eligible for adoption and are hoping to find a forever family before they age out and face adulthood without the safety net of a family.

Friends let’s change this, and open our hearts and minds to being the Agent of Hope these teens need. 

Can you…

Welcome a teen to be part of the family? Teens in foster care don’t want to be treated differently. They want a sense of belonging and the love and security of being part of a family. 

Have an open mind and open communication? Every youth has frustrating days, and teens in foster care are no different. However, teens in foster care bring with them additional challenges as a result of experiencing trauma. Foster families who have an open mind and set open, honest and respectful lines of communication with their foster teen can help set the stage for healing.

Provide unconditional love? All kids deserve to have at least one caring adult who they know will love them no matter what. Unfortunately, many teens in foster care have yet to find this person. Having someone who will provide unconditional love – even when they make mistakes – and support them through the milestones of being a young adult and transitioning to adulthood can make a huge difference in the life of a foster teen.

Work with a team of clinical and therapeutic support staff? As a therapeutic foster care provider, SAFY’s team of clinical support staff works with foster families to support youth in their care with therapies to address trauma, behavioral issues and other medical needs. 

This year consider opening your heart and your home to a foster teen. To learn more, visit or call us at 614-729-2024.

Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth (SAFY) is a child and family nonprofit preserving families and securing futures services that help families and children heal, have hope, and thrive: therapeutic foster care, adoption, family preservation, behavioral health and supports for older youth. Learn more at

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