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Get Motivated With Mighty Petunia

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Cathy Gainer worked in retail, wholesale, buying, sales, and even owned her own retail business. But she was always a diet and workout chick. “I would catch the fever and be able to go for long periods of time and then lose the motivation,” she said.


Then in the Fall of 2013, she was following a pretty rigorous nutrition and workout plan, but was struggling with getting through the grind that everyone faces after a period of time. And unfortunately there is no way around it. “You just have to go through it,” she said. So she went online to look for a little motivational boost and found some great sites like Lean Bodies Consulting, Jillfit Physiques, and Thrive as the Fittest. And she came across some motivational workout tanks.

insightly“I ordered one that said ‘Suck it up buttercup.’ I loved that it was in your face and bold,” Gainer recalled. But when the tank arrived in the mail, it was not what she was expecting.


“I was sooo disappointed!” she said, “The tank came to me wadded up in a mailing pouch, the phrase on the front of the tank was thick and plastic smelling, the material was not what I expected and the logo on the tank looked almost stripper-esque. Definitely not what I was going for. I thought ‘wow, I can do better than that.'”


MPbagAnd that’s just what she did. In mid-December 2013,  she decided to have an ecommerce business up and functioning by June 1, 2014. Mighty Petunia launched on Memorial Day, 2014. Mighty Petunia pulls together fitness and inspiration, but in the ecommerce space. Now, when a woman orders something from Mighty Petunia, she gets a tank, wrapped in a pretty paper. It’s like she’s giving herself a gift. All the fabrics are soft and feel great on and they print the phrases so they are soft, not rough and plastic-y.


Gainer talked about how social media allows her to create motivational support for women who either have it totally nailed or women who, like her, struggle with putting the whole thing together every day. As she said, “The biggest thing I learned is that even the women who are super successful and look like they have it all together, struggle too. But, they are able to work through their down times. Everyone faces the grind. The key is to motivate yourself through it.”


MIghty Petunia 007That’s the whole idea of “motivating your mind” – Mighty Petunia’s tag line – came from. “We need to strengthen our motivation like we do a muscle. You gotta work on it if you want it to get you through the tough times,” said Gainer.



And Gainer is motivating her mind too. Mighty Petunia is entering Year 2 and there are some big things coming up. This next year is going to be spent reaching out to other women in the fitness/motivation business and cross promoting the businesses. “so watch for Mighty Petunia to pop up in lots of different places,” said Gainer.


And since summer and vacation time is here, Gainer has two great ideas to help you find that moment for fitness inspiration, even when you’re traveling.

I travel quite a bit in the USA and overseas for work. My 2 favorite tips are:

  1. Exercise bands-you can get a really great workout in even if you are in a tiny hotel room and they are easy to pack.
  2. Up your water intake. It’s easy to get dehydrated when you are traveling and that can lead to fatigue, cravings, and overall lack of energy.


Gainer is also giving a code to Cbus Chic readers so they can try Mighty Petunia. Just use the code: CBUSCHIC and you’ll get 15% off (and there’s always have free shipping) if the code is used by August 1, 2015.


You can learn more about Cathy Gainer and Mighty Petunia by visiting the ecommerce site at And be sure to follow Mighty Petunia on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@mightypetunia) for giveaways, motivational videos, memes, and fitness/nutrition information.