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Owning and managing your business can be time consuming when it comes to organizing and tracking customers, sales, and projects. Learn about an application that can make organizing easier while helping you grow your business!


Insightly_2Founded in 2010 by Anthony Smith, Insightly now has over 185,000 businesses and 400,000 global users, making it a leading Customer Relationship Management Application (CRM) for small businesses. Small businesses can easily track customers, contacts, events, sales and projects using this application. Find a list of features for this online CRM here. “Our main differentiation includes ease of use, a CRM integrated with project management, integration with Google Apps/GMail, and the ability to allow users to create a 360 degree view of their business network through our unique linking capability,” explains Loretta Jones, Vice President of Marketing at Insightly.


Companies from all industries use Insightly to better manage and keep organized from media, real estate, non-profit, and professional services. “Our sweet spot are companies with 1-200 employees, says Jones. Insightly is very easy to use and inexpensive for business owners because it does not require a difficult learning process, or an IT resource to setup the system. A free account can be made for up to three users and paid plans begin at $29/month for 4-6 users. Insightly can also be used on the go through the free mobile app, so you can take care of business when you are away from your desk!


“It`s my secret weapon for building my business,” says Amy Scalia, CEO of Chic Publications. Scalia loves the cost-effectiveness of Insightly as well as its integration with Google and Gmail. Whether she is away from her desk or out of town, Scalia finds ease of accessibility through the mobile app a plus. “It`s the perfect tool for keeping everyone on my team on the same page while maximizing our sales opportunities with our clients and potential clients,” explains Scalia.


The following testimonials are from current business owners who use Insightly:

“I don’t have to worry about following up on things because I just set reminders, and Insightly allows me to make things happen the way I want them to happen.” 

               -Mark Infanger, President, Moose Country Gear


“When Insightly released its paid version, we jumped on it, even though the free version was doing great things for us, Insightly has become a strategic asset to our sales process, and we use just about every feature its team makes available. The result in our sales pipeline is invaluable.” 

                – Luke Freiler, Centercode CEO


“Insightly keeps our team in sync and on track so we can manage our deadlines and keep customer satisfaction high.”  

                – Tim Addison, Director, Solent


“I have a lot to remember, so Insightly helps me organize all of my company’s contacts and project information.”

Christy Staples Business Architect, GetLaunched!


To learn more about Insightly and its features visit or register for a product webinar here.

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