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Going Green

Dr. Bridget Williams is a family physician, and as a physician she’s seen the obstacles and struggles commonly found within the traditional health system. 
To combat her frustration, Williams decided that she wanted to empower her patients toward change rather than offer pills as a crutch instead of a cure for many common health issues through Green Harvest Health. 
“Green Harvest Health is the only medical cannabis and life coaching office in Ohio,” explains Williams. “As physicians, we provide certifications to patients to obtain a medical cannabis card if they meet the qualifications and also life coaching services.”
“I work with patients to define wellness for themselves and set meaningful goals that lead to major positive life changes,” says Williams. 
Williams gained interest in medical cannabis after patients themselves expressed an interest. 
“I was hesitant but after doing research I became intrigued,” she says. “Providing an alternative to the traditional medical model will reach some patients that may also be frustrated or have limited options in the treatment of their condition. They may also have never been able to find the right motivation to make major changes. I like to think I teach skills that will have a long-lasting impact on the patient’s life.”
In addition to medical cannabis consultation and life coaching, Green Harvest Health also offers nutritional coaching, massage, and an FDA approved, non-invasive treatment called Avacen that helps patients decrease pain, anxiety, and other symptoms.

Dr. Bridget Williams, Founder of Green Harvest Health

“We also are very proud of establishing our own line of CBD products, GHH CBD Medicinals,” says Williams. “As a physician, I take the quality of our product very seriously and work with the cultivators to create products that we find to be effective, organic, free of chemicals, and high quality.”
Williams ensures that the education and care of all of her patients is at the top of her priority list. 
“We operate as a concierge medical service so the price you pay for the medical cannabis evaluation covers all follow ups for the year,” she explains. 
And Williams wants to help spread the word about medical cannabis and its possibilities. That’s why when she’s not seeing patients she can often be found speaking to groups about the possibilities, safety, and research findings of medical cannabis and CBD. 
You can learn more about Green Harvest Health at, where you can also purchase CBD products. Green Harvest Health and Green Harvest Health CBD Medicinals are on Facebook. You can also check out Green Harvest Health on Twitter and Instagram.

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