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Honey Rose & K Jewelry

Honey Rose & K Jewelry

In a world that demands forward-looking fashion without sacrificing sustainability, Honey Rose & K does just that. 

“Honey Rose & K combined repurposed vintage finds with modern elements and design to create unique, hand-made jewelry,” explains Honey Rose & K Owner Meredith Piccin. “We believe in re-using pieces that already exist, are previously loved, and have a modern, bohemian flare. In doing so, we make each piece fashion-forward and edgy but also sustainable – 80% of the line is vintage, 20% modern, and 100% of the line is handmade. We are a no-waste production business.”

Vintage has always inspired Piccin, as did her grandmother and the businesses’s namesake, Honey Rosenkranz.

“The line was born out of my love for breathing new life into something that was long forgotten,” says Piccin. “I’ve always loved vintage and I’m easily inspired by the pieces I hunt down from flea markets, estate sales, and my travels.”

Piccin was a solo-riding entrepreneur until she recently launched her team, which is comprised of Jenny Dingle, Director of Sales; Jacqueline Olson, Trunk Keeper; and Pam Pyles, Photography from Pieces of You Photography. 

“Adding Jenny Dingle to our sales team has greatly increased our sales and production,” says Piccin. “Jacqueline recently came on to do our events, trunk shows, and pop-ups as well. Growth requires a team effort and we have a great team in place to continue to grow and expand into new markets. We’re always looking to expand our sales team.”

Honey Rose & K has gained some press from the likes of Oprah Magazine, People, Elle, InStyle, and more as they began to offer international shipping. “It’s been very exciting but our focus remains the same: great customer service and unique eco-chic pieces that are one-of-a-kind,” she adds.

The pieces from Honey Rose & K are made by hand using vintage pieces that already exist. “Fashion is really changing and going towards more sustainability,” says Piccin. “We’ve always had that goal and that continues to be our mission. Our pieces are eco-friendly but also fashion forward, affordable, and made here in Columbus. We are a small business but we can still make a big environmental impact.”

Recently, Honey Rose & K launched their BEE campaign, which is designed to spread a special message. “You can follow our #thebeemessage on Instagram to see what others are sharing in a positive light,” says Piccin. 

Each necklace in the BEE Campaign comes with a card and our customers tag us with what they want to share. 

“We believe we are so much more than an eco-friendly jewelry line,” she says. “We are women who want to raise strong, independent women with a positive message: You can BEE anything you dream to be.”

To learn more about the necklaces and cards from the BEE Campaign, click here.

Learn more about Honey Rose & K Jewelry, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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