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In the Fashion Express Lane



The fashion business is a competitive game. In today’s market it’s no longer enough for businesses to offer the most stylish clothes on a regular basis, they also need excellent customer service with competitive prices to match. Luckily, for Karla Boston of Go-Go Chic, she has all of that. Along with something extra.


And that something extra would be the bright pink Go-Go Chic truck that she drives around and operates her fashion retail business out of, selling clothes and fashion styling services to customers in the Central Ohio area.


Boston says she’s always had an eye for bargain shopping and coming up with creative outfits, but found that so often it seemed like people she knew only bought outfits off of the mannequin for fear of trying something new. That’s when she realized she could help people find their stylish side without making them shell out the big bucks.


“I thought this was something I was good at and at the same time I could offer affordable prices, so why not make it a business? Why not make someone else happy by having something so fabulous,” says Boston.


The truck aspect came next. Originally starting her business in Atlanta, Georgia, Boston wanted her fashion business to stand out from other retail shops in the area. A bright pink truck that could both come to you and allow you to shop inside did just the trick. And customers need not worry about not having enough selection, the truck is neatly organized but packed with a wide variety of choices for the interested shopper.


Although the truck aspect does make her stand out, it’s not just a gimmick. It’s part of Boston’s whole business philosophy, which is to offer convenience and ease to her clientele. They just have to make a call and walk out their front door to step into a fun, fashionable space and have the services of a personal stylist on hand.


GoGoChic-4As for what shoppers can find in the truck, Boston says she stocks any trendy clothing in sizes 0 to 3X. Customers can expect to find vintage pieces and gently used items as well as new, and she recently started offering men’s clothes as well. One of the only things Go-Go Chic doesn’t carry is shoes and jewelry.


Clients can call and arrange an appointment with Boston to stop by their home, and it can be anything from a solo shopping trip to a fun girl’s night experience, and all ages are welcome.


Currently Boston runs Go-Go Chic herself as both the owner and personal stylist, purchasing the clothes and offering advice and guidance to those interested. But in the future she says she will soon be looking for models and interns to help her tap the thriving college town feel of Columbus.


As for the perfect introduction to the city, Go-Go Chic’s first big event in Columbus happened at one of the biggest events of the year, Red, White and Boom. As one of Central Ohio’s signature events, it’s a fitting introduction for Boston, who is ready to immerse herself in Columbus culture.


GoGoChic-1If you’re looking for the pink Go-Go Chic around town soon be sure to keep an eye out, since Boston says she has to be especially aware of zoning laws and where she can and cannot set up shop. Nonetheless, Columbus residents fashion savvy enough to use her services will soon be the better for it.


“We’re so excited to be here, and overwhelmed with all the support already after just being here for a few days,” says Boston. “You might see me riding around town, so feel free to honk and wave at me!”


You can learn more about Go-Go Chic at their website.

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