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Insightly: Email Marketing and CRM Software

A growing business has to be careful that it doesn’t take its repeat customers for granted. Then there’s also the concern that good sales prospects will get lost in the shuffle as the company grows. One of the more effective ways to maintain contact with a large, repeat customer base is to utilize email marketing. Email marketing, when done right, can also help to draw in prospects and establish a strong flow of new revenue.

One of the tools a company can use to improve its email marketing is a CRM application. A comprehensive suite of CRM software tools will allow a growing company to show the proper attention to repeat customers and make sure that those prospects are always checking in for new opportunities.



Make huge strides in the effectiveness of your email marketing with the right CRM software

Keeping Sales Up To Date On Email Marketing

Your company sends out an email marketing piece to some potential customers and opens the door of conversation to the entire group. But nothing happens because your sales people have no idea that an email went out and they don’t know the content of the email. According to Hubspot Blogs, this is the sort of disconnect that can result in loss of money.

A growing company can experience a wall between sales and marketing that slows up progress and makes it difficult to maintain customer accounts. Bringing down that wall allows marketing to communicate directly with sales and also gets sales the information it needs to follow up on email marketing campaigns.


Get to know your customers before your next email marketing program by tracking customer behavior with CRM software.

CRM Software Reveals Critical Customer Behavior

Your customers are extremely dynamic and are constantly evolving and changing. They are growing and experiencing the challenges of growth, just as your company is, and those challenges can cause them to alter their policies and change the way they do business.

In order to keep up with your customers’ needs and create a focused email marketing campaign, you need a reliable way to track customer reactions to other marketing efforts and to catalog the notes left by the sales department as well. Using innovative tools and programs is the best way to tear down barriers between marketing and sales that can make it all but impossible to develop a truly dynamic marketing approach. CRM software makes it possible to track customer behavior and develop email marketing campaigns that are both timely and effective.

Insightly offers CRM software that will help in the collection of data needed to create a successful email marketing campaign. With the ability to customize your Insightly software, you can keep a close eye on the changing patterns and habits of your customers and develop an email marketing campaign that will speak directly to your audience. With email templates and mass email, the process of contacting prospects can be standardized and made easier. And with Insightly’s integration with MailChimp, email marketing campaigns and customer communications can be managed using contact information stored in your CRM.

With the CRM tools Insightly offers, your company will be able to utilize email marketing to its fullest extent and maintain a growing customer base, while reaching out to an even faster growing list of prospects as well. Check out Insightly’s full-featured 14-day free trial and see how affordable it is to get your customer management system off the ground.

George N Root III is a professional freelance writer who has expertise in topics such as Internet marketing, business, advertising, and personal finance.