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Insightly: How Well Do You Know Your Software?

How Well Do You Know Your Software?


Your computers—from the laptop on your desk to the iPhone in your pocket—are engines of your productivity. They connect you to your contacts, To Do lists, documents, correspondence… everything you use to keep things organized and moving forward. But sometimes you want to add or retrieve information from an app and it just doesn’t seem to do what you want it to, stopping you right in your tracks. When it feels like you’ve hit a dead end, step back to consider another route.

Most software applications have so many features that it’s easy to miss a setting or function that will help you get things done more effectively. For example, most people who use Microsoft Office—easily one of the most widely used products in business—“use less than 20 percent of the features of Office, and they are missing features that can save them so much time.“

To find out if there’s something you’re missing:

  • Search the product’s help articles, online knowledge base, and tutorial videos. Companies have plenty of helpful product documentation for their customers. Check out the product’s website and search for features that you’re using, or review a full tutorial. (Trust me, the time you put into this will pay off exponentially in the future.) Insightly Support is a good example, where we have lots of resources for business people to learn about our CRM.
  • Look for direct support. If the company offers an online community, that’s a great place to ask other users for advice. If you prefer direct technical assistance from the developer, keep in mind that email or telephone support may come at an additional cost, which may be worth it if you’re in a bind.
  • Perform a general internet or YouTube search. People love to share experiences and advice in user groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, discussion sites like Quora and Reddit, and their own tutorials on YouTube. Since these tend to be unmoderated forums, keep an eye on the posted dates to make sure the advice is recent, read through other users’ comments, and double-check the provided information.
  • Take a class. If you feel that you really need to get up to speed, there are lots of online and in-person training courses available for the bigger software products. A quick internet search of the product name and “training” should point you in the right direction.

If your software doesn’t have the feature you’re insightlylooking for built right in, you can also check for integrations with other applications. Integrations allow you to connect to other tools that you might already be using, saving you time by reducing data entry and keeping things in sync.

Insightly’s integrations page gives you an idea of typical options for CRMs. We list connections to and from Insightly for software like Quickbooks Online, Dropbox, Boomerang for Gmail, and many more. If you don’t see a relevant integration, Zapier is an integration service that you can use to connect a wide variety of applications together.

When you feel like your software doesn’t include the functionality you need, take some time to learn more about it by using these methods. You might find a new feature, new integrations, or a clever workaround to get you to your objective.


About the author: Tony Roma is Insightly’s Content Manager. With a knack for finding workarounds and hidden features, he’s been helping businesses implement software solutions and improve their work processes for over ten years.


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