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It’s A Dog-Clean-Dog World

Kristen Warren is the owner of Doggie Day Spa, a professional grooming facility that offers a variety of easy and convenient spa services to pamper your dog; from self service bathing stations to full service professional grooming.


Warren shares that the family owned a doggie daycare downtown for nearly 10 years.


But when the opportunity came up to own the Grandview salon, they jumped on it. She explains how, “it allowed us to expand on what we already loved doing and we saw a lot of potential. But most of all, we felt there was no better community to be a part of than Grandview.” 


With that, they opened the Doggie Day Spa and Warren expresses how very proud she is of the team at the spa. “We have professionally trained groomers with a combined 63 years of experience. Our team also consists of two second year Ohio State Vet students and a soon to be certified Vet Tech,” she shares. Adding, “each person adds their own level of experience and expertise in many different areas and a love for the dogs that visit us.” 


The overall philosophy of Doggie Day Spa is to provide above-and-beyond customer service while keeping the dog’s physical and mental welfare constantly in mind. Warren shares how, “every decision we make is based on staying true to those two factors.” 


Warren explains how at Doggie Day Spa: 

  • They’re an appointment-based salon so the dogs aren’t in a cage waiting 6-8 hrs for their service (which can cause a lot of stress for pets who aren’t used to being in a cage).
  • They don’t use extremely controversial cage dryers. They hand blow-dry each dog, giving them personal attention. It also allows them to monitor the dog’s health while also getting better results.
  • Cleanliness is high on their priority list. You can always expect the facility to look and smell clean.
  • They use high-end products; meaning the results last longer. Warren recalls how they’ve had clients who moved away, call to ask about our de-shed program because they haven’t gotten results as good as Doggie Day Spa.
  • They understand the importance of a stress-free experience, especially for puppies. This may be the first time they are away from their parents. Everything is brand new to them: the sights, sounds, vibrations … so they gently introduce the pups to the environment and equipment. “We want to set a solid foundation because we know that they have a lifetime of grooms ahead of them. So this first experience will set the tone,” Warren adds.
  • They believe in quality over quantity. While some groomers do 10+ dogs a day, they feel it’s not possible to get quality results and not stress out the pets with those high numbers.


Aside from their topnotch grooming and deluxe bath bath services, Doggie Day Spa also offer self service stations. Warren explains, “This sets us apart from many others that offer this service because we have a dedicated area solely for self wash and our staff is right there to assist in any way you need.”


The stations come fully equipped with shampoo, conditioner, facial scrub, ear cleaner, towels, combs, brushes, cologne, aprons and blow driers…literally everything you need to get your dog looking and smelling great.  


Warren says it’s, “the perfect stop after spending a day at the muddy dog park, swimming in a lake or just to be freshened up. Plus, the best parts are that there’s no appointment necessary, no kneeling over a bathtub wrestling your dog to stay in, and you leave all the clean up to us.” 


And if you like all that Doggie Day Spa offers, then you’ll be excited to hear that they’re expanding. Warren says it’s all thanks to their dedicated clients who not only constantly bring their dogs, but who rave about Doggie Day Spa to their friends.


“We have completely outgrown our current space,” Warren shares. Adding that the remodel, which’ll be ready in July, will offer everything their clients already love – only better in a more spa-like atmosphere. They’ll have more tubs for self wash, aromatherapy holding suites, and new add-on/packages. Plus, the expansion will allow them to offer more grooming appointments, which reduces the current wait times.


And with the expansion, Warren mentions that they’ll also be able to offer self wash fundraisers, shelter adoption events, and so much more.


You can learn more about Doggie Day Spa by visiting them online at
Or visit them in-person at: 

Doggie Day Spa – Grooming and Self Serve Salon
1627 West First Avenue
Grandview Hts., OH 43212
And don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @doggiedayspacolumbus


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