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Jamison & Bexley

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Our kids are what get us through each day, and sometimes what make each day difficult. But the inspiration Jennifer Sanger finds from her children inspired her to launch an infant and toddler online boutique named Jamison & Bexley. Named after her two littles, Sanger’s boutique offers clothing that is comfortable, functional, and helps to express their unique personalities.

Sanger says that she wants the clothing she offers through her boutique to help keep kids little. “A lot of children’s clothing in big box retailers have them looking grown up,” she says. “Whereas I want my kids to still look like kids, have the best adventures, and make so many memories.”

Sanger runs the business herself with help from her husband Matt, who attends pop-up shops with her. She also has a few interns including Alyssa Werner, Kyjuan Glass, and Essence Howard who have helped her take her business to where it is today. 

In addition to clothing, Jamison & Bexley also offers accessories including bibs, hats, scarves, hair accessories, and even diaper backpacks. 

And with fall approaching, Sanger is ready to bring in new styles for the season – including functional staples that are trendy and useful. 

“I’ve learned that kids love dinosaurs, so we’ll have lots of dinosaur prints and unicorns for fall,” she says.

The thing that makes Jamison & Bexley unique, says Sanger, is that it’s totally run by a mother, so she knows what other parents are looking for when shopping for their children. “I try and keep my prices low because, well, we all know how expensive kids are and how messy they can be, too,” she says. “How can I expect you to pay $40 for a t-shirt or dress that your child may only wear a handful of times if I wouldn’t pay that myself?”

That’s why all of the items that you find from Jamison & Bexley are hand curated by Sanger herself. “They are the things that I would put my own children in,” she adds. “Some of the time Bexley (her daughter) helps pick out what items to purchase, too. “If you see anything pink or sparkly on the website, that’s all Bexley,” she laughs.

Sanger is looking forward to the future of her boutique as she continues to grow. Coming up in early 2020 she plans to offer baby boxes. “These boxes will be good for anyone going to a baby shower and just doesn’t know what to get the parents-to-be,” she explains. “It will be filled with items necessary for a newborn and include items like teething toys, a sleep sac, swaddler blankets, bibs, and more.”

While she’s still finalizing the details of these boxes, Sanger says that it’s something she’s been working on for a while and is excited to offer her customers. Sanger is also looking to start designing her own denim pants. “Long story short, my daughter is a 4 with a waist size of 2-3T, but the length of a 5-6T,” she says. “I have looked far and wide for a way to customize children’s denim, and you know what they say, ‘if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.'”

Currently she’s working on creating a pattern, getting samples made, and looking for a manufacturer to help produce the denim. There is no launch date for this just yet, but when she does announce it you’ll find the information on all of Jamison & Bexley’s social media pages and website. 

To check out the items from Jamison & Bexley yourself, you can find the boutique at Cbus Chic’s Holiday Sip ‘n Shop on November 2 at Combustion Brewery and at the Momma’s Timeout Pop-Up Shop on November 24. 

To learn more about Jamison & Bexley, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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