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Leading EDJE

The mantra behind Leading EDJE is Real. Fun. Geeks. 

“We are an IT consulting company based here in Columbus,” says Leading EDJE CEO Joelle Brock. “We thrive on helping our client partners solve big business problems with technology solutions, and having fun at the same time.”

The inspiration behind Leading EDJE goes back to 2007 when the company first got its start. The goal was to create a company that would provide custom technology solutions for clients, while also building a team that was passionate about culture, learning, problem solving, work-life balance, and having fun. 

“More than 12 years later, we are living out this goal, and we have grown every year since we started,” adds Brock. 

The team behind Leading EDJE consists of Brock, COO Erica Krumlauf, Chief Growth Office Wendy Ivany, and Chief Technology Officer Dave Michels. “We’re proud to be a technology company where three our of four of our C-suite leadership team are women,” says Brock. 

While they’re in the business of helping others with technology solutions, Leading EDJE is also emphatic about culture. 

“We believe it only makes business sense to invest in team satisfaction and positive culture,” says Brock. “Why wouldn’t you want happy, engaged, and healthy colleagues? When your team feels appreciated and engaged, they are energized and enjoy coming to work every day – and are willing to go the extra mile for the client and fellow teammates.”

These core values in putting the team first, staying authentic and clear, staying dedicated to growth, and doing the right thing is what helps Leading EDJE stand out. “Operating with these core values at the heart of our business is what has helped us be successful for more than a decade,” says Brock. “They are our ‘north star’ and ensure we are not making decisions on a whim, but on values shared by the entire organization.”

Leading EDJE is also passionate about supporting women in technology. “We have an internship and a scholarship program for high school females going on to pursue careers in technology, and our team is involved with several organizations mentoring women in entrepreneurship and technology,” says Brock.

Leading EDJE will soon roll out its EDJE Optimization service. It’s a 12-week proven process that is designed to help busy IT teams take a step back, evaluate key areas of the team structure, and identify areas to work smarter, not harder. 

“We all know it’s easy to get in the weeds of the day-to-day, and that the thought of an audit can sound complicated and time consuming,” says Brock. “With EDJE Optimization, we cut through all that clutter and help teams assess the most important segments of the business, and come up with a plan with recommendations for achieving optimal results.”

Leading EDJE is moving into a new office space in Dublin’s Bridge Park in early 2020. Brock credits the city’s popularity as a hub for technology companies and talent as her reason for taking her business there. “Being in Bridge Park will give us a really cool space for collaboration and networking, plus allow our team to take advantage of the shopping, restaurant, and entertainment amenities of the area,” she adds.

To learn more about Leading EDJE, visit or follow along on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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