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Live Love Dew

To help with their families’ skincare problems, a local duo decided to start their own skin care line that offers products that lead to clear and beautiful skin. Read on to learn more.


Lori Clark and Crissy Conner from Grove City both have families with sensitive skin. To prevent their skin from getting irritated from some of the brand name products they used before, they decided to start their own skin care line called Live Love Dew.


“We wanted to know exactly what we were putting on not only our skin, but our family’s skin too,” says Conner. “The store shelves just never quite had what we were looking for when it came to natural, whole and unprocessed ingredients—so we started making our own!”


Live Love Dew makes whole and natural products for your skin and home. They are unique because they offer many options including items that are gluten-free, vegan friendly and preservative free—all made with non-processed ingredients. Since its conception the company has grown substantially. Originally, the skincare line only offered lotions, body balms, soaps and bath spray. Now, they offer body wash, dew face creams, eye creams, bath salts, face and hair serums and more. Their natural products for the home include soy tarts and candles in essential oils or phthalate free fragrances. Conner admits their business is completely home-run and encourages their family to aid them in their endeavors.


“All our products are made in our in-home workshops by the two of us,” explains Conner. “Occasionally it is a family affair, whether asking our boys to carry products for a variety of events or asking a 7-year old to help with labeling and sorting flyers.”


When it comes to skincare, Conner advises readers to prioritize exfoliating. “Exfoliation will remove the dead skin all over your body,” says Conner. “With this extreme winter we’ve had in Ohio, everyone’s skin is dry.” She suggests that readers use one of their natural sugar scrubs to exfoliate or use coconut or olive oil as a remedy to the face, body and heels. After, one should replenish the skin with a moisturizer.


While Conner admits that their jobs are stressful, it still has many rewards. “Although we work harder and longer than we ever have before, we’re able to do it in the comfort of our own homes,” explains Conner. “We often involve our families because we can simultaneously spend time with them and complete Live Love Dew projects—all while showing our children an example of hard work.”


The duo has many plans in store for the future, from formulating a natural healing hand cream and acne stick to exclusively creating a baby and children’s line with shimmery minerals like Mica’s and Iron Oxides. Ultimately, the business partners hope to expand their consultant base so that Live Love Dew can reach those outside the Columbus Metro area and open a local facility in Grove City. They hope to serve their customers by bringing them great products and never abandoning the reasons they started their business.


“As we’ve grown, our customers have become our inspiration,” says Connor. “When they tell us they’ve spent thousands of dollars with their dermatologist, but nothing helped their Eczema or Psoriasis outbreaks like our products have, it makes us more determined to keep giving them products their skin is craving.”


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