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Meet Princess Dresses of Love

IMG_18158Jackie Gordan started Princess Dresses of Love in 2007, after her husband’s death. “After I lost my husband to pancreatic cancer, I felt inspired to use my passion for sewing to bring hope and love to girls suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses,” says Gordan.


Gordan’s passion for sewing and bringing hope to these young girls has meant that she’s created a variety of colors and styles that go into each princess dress; and she estimates that she’s made at least 25 dresses, so far. All the dresses also come with a tiara, wand, poem, and gloves – depending on the style of the dress.


The best of the job, Gordan said, is when she gets to be present when the little girl receives the dress and watch their eyes light up and their smiles beam. “They look like a princess to me.  I hope that for these moments they forget they have cancer,” explains Gordan.


“When I give a girl a princess dress, I live in the moment of seeing the little girl opening the box with so much excitement. I do know she has cancer, but I see resilience in her,” says Gordan.


insightlyGordon has also spoken at various civic groups about Princess Dresses of Love. She’s even been to Nashville to attend an art sale in which the proceeds went to Princess Dresses of Love. “I am always open to more events to share Princess Dresses to help out girls with cancer,” says Gordan.


Find out more about Princess Dresses of Love by visiting them online at You can also donate to the nonprofit through the site as well.


And if you’re wondering what poem Princess Dresses of Love sends along, check it out below:

You are a princess;
You shine like a piece of gold.
You are so beautiful – I have been told
You fight like a warrior, a brave knight;
Yet you look like an angel, a beautiful sight.
We send this dress as a token of love
In memory of my Father who is in heaven, up above.
Your dress is like silver,
It sparkles and glitters.
Your crown, oh how pretty,
So beautiful like you.
Oh, and your wand too –
How you wave it about in the air;
Oh Princess you are so true and fair.
So go ahead put on the dress,
Shine, sparkle be your best,
And remember, you are a Princess.

By: Katelyn Gordon