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Meet Tail Wags Playground

Cbus Chic chats with Steffanie Sanchez and her dog Jake – owner and Chief Furry Officer, respectively – of Tail Wags Playground.


Read our Q&A to learn more about the duo, plus learn all about Columbu’s first, and only, indoor dog park and dog-friendly lounge. 


Q. What was the inspiration for starting Tail Wags Playground?

Steffanie:  The inspiration came from an adorable 11lb fur ball (ahem, Jake).

When he was a lively young little guy, it was clear I had to frequent every dog park in town to keep him socialized, healthy, and happy. I adored my pup, to a level some would call obsessive, but I realized I wasn’t the only one. In fact, I loved to see that similar bond I had with my pup in other people; it made them more relatable, likable. 

And at the same time, every visit to the dog park also gave me ideas – lots of them. Ideas that only dog lovers would understand. 

That’s how a seed was planted and evolved into something fabulous. 


Q. What makes Tail Wags unique? 

Steffanie: Well, the more obvious answer is that we’re the first and only (indoor dog park + lounge) in Columbus. But we won’t be the only indoor dog park for long. And when we’re not, we think we’ll remain the best, because we do have  very unique business model and a pawsome team that brings it to life.  

We’re already distinct from other indoor parks that exist in other markets too. One example is that we’re purposeful about not extending our services to daycare, boarding, etc. We’re purposeful about our core values. We’re purposeful about having a brand with a mission born out of a true appreciation of the bond that exists between human and pup. And it’s that mission that drives everything we do. 


Q. What are some the services Tail Wags offers? 

Steffanie: We offer membership to a pawsome destination for dog lovers and their pups. You can use our lounge like you would a cafe (work or have a cup of coffee with a friend), and out indoor dog park like you would an outdoor one. 

We also support local small businesses with access to their goods, like 

… and more. 

We offer rental space for private pawties or pet pros looking for a space to demo their work. And we also host events of our own both for the public and members-only. 


Q. What events or specials do you have coming up?

Steffanie: Events are huge. We’ll always have a focus on that. Currently, we have a few Wag ‘n Learns teed up for May, Breed Meetups, and a member appreciation event with food and drinks. 

Wag ‘n Learns are informational short sessions about a variety of dog health topics, which are free to attend. And our Breed Meetups celebrate a select breed (mixes of that breed are welcome too!). And they enjoy 50% off our daily membership. 


Learn more about Tail Wags Playground, and their event schedule, by visiting them online at And stay in the loop by following them on Facebook and Instagram: @tailwagsplay