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Meet the Boldwomen


Boldwomen Cleaning Services is made up of sisters Amanda Boldman Gaskill and Jenna Boldman Lichtle. “We are not like big corporate cleaning companies who might send a different group to your home with each visit,” explains Gaskill.


With experience spanning 22 years, the duo has cleaned workshops, offices, and homes of all sizes, apartments, retail spaces, salons, nightclubs, and more. They offer a personalized service with detailed and professional work.


“My very first job was when I was about 13 years old,” says Gaskill. “I started cleaning my dad’s wood shop for allowance money. I would clean the bathrooms, lunchroom, and sometimes the office. From then on I have always cleaned somewhere on the side and have learned a lot through this experience.”


Boldwoman became officially accredited, licensed and insured in March 2014. The company name stems from their family name “Boldman”. “This is fitting too since you have to be pretty bold to do what we do,” explains Gaskill.


The sister duo cover the Columbus Ohio area, as long as the home or office is within an hour drive of Columbus. They currently have homes in Delaware, Plain City, Powell, Westerville, Pickerington, Hilliard, and Columbus.


“We can do any type of clean for a home or office, but we prefer to do more than just a surface clean,” says Gaskill. “That is what sets us apart from others; we are thorough, detailed, and really care about how the place turns out.”


A deep clean from Boldwomen Cleaning Services involves upper dusting, dusting of furniture, trash removal, bed making, vacuuming floors and upholstery, baseboards, mopping, bathroom cleaning, and kitchen cleaning. “We use our own products, some of which are homemade.” For a full list of what they can/cannot do, click here.


Gaskill shared some cleaning tips with Cbus Chic readers below:


  • Always clean out your vacuum before vacuuming. It is pointless to vacuum if it is clogged. Clean out the brush area for any tangled hair, strings, or fabric. Detach the tank and empty, checking for any dirt that might be caught in the connectors or hoses.


  • Keep wet areas dry. For instance, after showering use an old rag or squeegee to dry walls and grout so mold is not forming and soap scum is not accumulating. For the same reason, faucets in the bathroom and kitchen should be dried with a towel or paper towel.


  • Rubbing alcohol is great for removing hairspray.


  • Disinfect doorknobs, cupboard/drawer pulls, and light switches to prevent germs from spreading throughout the home.




To get more cleaning tips visit the Boldwomen Cleaning Services Facebook page and their website here.