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Meet the Buckeye Bearders

Buckeye Bearders Has does the idea to start an official beard club come about? If your Doug Parker, it evolves over a very short period of time immediately following an event Jared Friesner from Cliff Original set up for Parker and a few other bearded fellas to try out some of his new men’s grooming products.


The group realized they had much in common and decided they should get together over a few local brews more often. They coined the name: Buckeye Bearders at the first get-together, created their social media accounts shortly after, printed a handful of shirts, and now have close to 75 members.


“The process has been truly serendipitous, growing through common interest, and a network of loyal friends with solid character. Jared recognized our enthusiasm for the idea nd decided to become our sponsor from the very beginning,” co-founder Doug Parker shares.


insightlyBut what exactly is Buckeye Bearders – aside from a collective of bearded gentlemen? Buckeye Bearders is a non-profit social group of bearded gentlemen and beard enthusiasts with a mission to support local businesses and give back to the community, all while embracing the beard culture.


However, you don’t have to have a beard to be a part of it. Parker explains, “We don’t even require you to have a beard when you join. We don’t want it to become something exclusive.  We just enjoy positive people with a drive to contribute to the community in a meaningful and fun way.”


And when they’re not accepting all kinds of members, Buckeye Bearders is supporting local. Additionally, a portion of their proceeds go directly to the Pleasure Guild of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. They also work closely with theor sponsor Cliff Original, as well as various other businesses around the area like Turner’s Barber Shop, Defining Skin tattoo shop, and Hey Have a Cigar Shop.


“[They] contribute to our ‘member kits.’ A sort of welcome to the club gift pack. We also work closely with local breweries, bands, photographers and food trucks to organize our monthly ‘meet-ups,'” Parker goes on to say.


Meet upThis month’s meet-up, on November 12, was at Fado in Easton Town Center. The gals from the Pleasure Guild were there as well as The Ohio State Buckeye Cheerleaders. The Elevator Brewing Company brewed a special beer for the event called Movember Beer, which is an Imperial Oatmeal Stout with a roasty full bodied flavor.


Parker also told Cbus Chic that Buckeye Bearders has been invited to work with The Ohio State University’s Consulting and Consultation Services to participate in a beard fashion show of sorts that is aimed to raise awareness of issues relating to men’s health at the end of this month.


To learn more about Buckeye Bearders, visit the online at and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @BuckeyeBearders. And be sure to check them out at OSU’s Novembeard Fashion Show on November 30.