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Natural Beauty with Balance Beauty Spa

A Worthington-based spa is sustainable, clean and friendly, while giving clients all-natural and beautiful skin. Read on for the skinny on their skincare success.


When it comes to beauty, Kelly Walton takes her products seriously. A gifted esthetician and manicurist, Walton opened Balance Beauty Spa, a loft-style spa that offers organic services. After a colleague once told her you absorb “80% of what you put on your skin,” Walton realized the importance of paying attention to product ingredients. She decided to take an organic and natural approach to the spa experience.


“I learned about how essential oils that come from plants can be beneficial in skincare,” says Walton. “Essentially, if you wouldn’t eat the ingredients, then why would you put them on your skin?”


Walton named her locale “Balance Beauty Spa” after being inspired by the idea of “balancing nature and beauty.” She offers services from facials to manicures to organic soy waxing and sugaring. When Walton performs a facial, she carefully looks at the skin and tailors the facial to her guest’s needs and does not charge the guest any extra fees. Her facials successfully dissolves the skin cells, which leaves a beautiful complexion.


Balance Beauty Spa is unique from other spa services because Walton hand-makes most of her products, like scrubs and cuticle oils. This allows her to have full control of the ingredients going on her customers’ skin. Her other treatment products are made with all-natural and organic ingredients. However, Walton makes the effort to be sustainable in all aspects of her business. She recycles, uses towels instead of disposables and her service is completely clean. She even goes so far as to use soy-based nail polish remover!


Walton maintains a very clean atmosphere. From using new recyclable liner in the pedicure bowl to sterilizing tools in her medical autoclave, Walton believes in the power of cleanliness when maintaining beauty. She does not re-use files or buffers and believes in going beyond state cleaning laws.


When asked for advice she would give to readers on which products to use for health and wellness, she advises that women should be open to using more items with natural ingredients. “My best advice would be to not mistake a “natural” product as being one that gives less results,” says Walton. “Many of the ingredients in a natural product have stood the test of time. Today’s science has provided amazing formulations making them effective and wonderful products.”


Walton relishes her job because she loves giving back her abilities and talents. She admits she has a few goals and dreams for the future, but is focused on “letting this seed grow before I plant more.” “What I love the most about my job is being able to use the gift I have to help others feel great about themselves,” explains Walton. “I also have the nicest guests and they have so many interesting stories to tell.”


The Balance Beauty Spa is located at 679-G Hight Street in Worthington, OH. To learn more about Walton and her business, visit or reserve an appointment at (614)-745-9250.


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