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Off to Neverland: Making Disney Dreams Come True

pixieThe travel agent has not become obsolete. Even in a world where planning a trip only takes a few clicks, vacationers are often overwhelmed by conflicting or too much information on the web about their destination. In other words, travelers need a fairy godmother to sort everything out — especially when going on a trip as magical as a Disney one.


Owner of Pixie and Pirate Destinations Kelli Donahue is that fairy godmother that, instead of turning pumpkins into carriages, has been turning Disney vacations into extraordinary family adventures since 2011. Better yet, her services, which make a Disney dream come true much simpler, are free of charge.


“Planning a Disney vacation can be a big task, especially with all of the new technology that Disney has now, like Magic Bands and My Disney Experience.  If you miss an important step in the planning process or due date, it can make your vacation less magical and stressful,” Donahue said.


Donahue, however, can’t pull off the magic alone. She is backed up with her own team of fairy godmothers. “The majority of us are stay-at-home moms. There are a few of us that have other jobs, but we make our clients top priority,” Donahue said. “Communication is the key to a happy client and we are available to our clients at any time.”


Rather than sticking to set packages, Pixie and Pirate customizes each vacation to its clients’ needs whether they are newlyweds or a large group for a family reunion. Yet, Pixie and Pirate is sure to offer suggestions out of employees’ own expertise. Donahue said, “Our agency continues to grow and our knowledge of Disney is ever-changing. We continuously keep up-to-date with any and all things Disney.”


How Donahue and her team stay informed calls for unordinary business trips. Donahue has the benefit of mixing work with pleasure on a Disney vacation at least twice a year. “There is nothing more magical than stepping foot on Main Street at Walt Disney World. Even with the many, many trips I’ve taken, I still get chills as soon as I enter Magic Kingdom. There is a magic there unlike any other. Whether you’re three years old or 99 years old, it allows you to show your Disney side and be a kid again.” Though Main Street is one of Disney’s main attractions, a pair of mouse ears can go just about anywhere in the real-life Epcot.


“Vacations aren’t limited to Disneyland or Walt Disney World … Disney offers Disney Cruises from all destinations around the world. Adventures By Disney is another option. It allows clients to tour the many places around the globe that they may never encounter on their own,” Donahue said.


But halfway around the world doesn’t have to cost half a salary. That is why Pixie and Pirate aims to show its clients that there are deals for everything at Disney. Disneyland and Disney World even have special pricings for active or retired military families that were just released for 2015.


Yet, 2015 has much to offer for all kinds of Disney families. Donahue said, “Clients will be able to book 2015 Disney vacation packages at Walt Disney World and Disneyland beginning July 30th. You can book a Disney vacation for as little as $200 down.” 2015 Disney World and Disneyland travelers can take advantage of Mickey’s layaway plan and make payments, up until their final due date, 45 days prior to check in. For 2015 Disney cruisers, clients can put 20% down and also take advantage of Mickey’s layaway plan and make payments up until their final due date.


All of the work that goes into finding such deals and keeping track of the bare necessities pays off when Donahue is able to make others’ dreams come true. Donahue said, “I love Disney and I love making magic happen. It doesn’t matter if I’m planning a little girl’s first trip to meet the princesses or that first time that a little boy meets Mickey — I still get teary-eyed and put 100% plus more of pixie dust into the planning to create the perfect vacation.”


To learn more, visit Pixie and Pirate

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