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Oh! The Prumanity!

Sara Mitchell and Pru are two Ohio natives that are always up to paws for a good pun. The Springer Spaniel, Dear Prudence, was named for her extreme puppy dog eyes and strong love for The Beatles. Having a pessimistic expression since day one, creating an account that embodied her sass and sadness was inevitable… so her Instagram account was born, explains Sara. 


Over 300 posts ago – in February of 2016 – stemming from #DailyPru to Pessimistic Pru, her gloomy disposition became the clear signature look and the selfie + pun fueled Instagram account took off.


“In real life, when all cameras are away, Pru is a genuinely happy and cheerful dog — although she is a stage 5 clinger and insists on always being touched,” Sara clarifies. 


And while Pru is the face of the account, Sara is certainly the brains behind it. “Although Pru a-pru-ves all posts,” she adds.


Since she started sharing about Pru, Sara has realized there’s an entire community of pet lovers actively commenting and engaging with each other on social. And beyond that, when ther’re out and about, she realizes the nostalgia people have for her breed.


“I had never owned a Springer Spaniel before and now gets stopped constantly to the comment of ‘my grandma had one of these when I was growing up!'” Sara shares. She adds that it’s fun to see people’s faces light up and remember.


And on a personal level, she recalled how having friends contribute puns to the process has been a highlight of starting the account. According to Sara, “Pru’s brought out the pun fun in everyone!” 


Sara explains that, at the core, she’s a girl with her dog, enjoying the city of Columbus and finding humor in daily life (and selfies). This month, Sara turned 29 in human years and Pru 28 in dog years. Sara stresses, “however we are dog years apart in intelligence and maturity,” adding that “Pru wins.”


You can follow along with Sara on Instagram at @Wordsmitch. And check out all of Pru’s pawsome puns over on her account: @PessimisticPru


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