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On The Sunny Side

Gretel and Steve Adams, two first generation farmers, met while apprenticing on a farm and fell in love with each other, and with the joy and beauty that flowers bring. In 2007, they opened Sunny Meadows Flower Farm: an urban farm producing sustainably grown fresh cut flowers and unique seasonal wedding designs of the highest quality.


Their 10 acre property includes 9 tillable fields, 10 greenhouses, employee living, a self-serve Flower Market, plus their home, barn, and garage.


“We both found we had a deep passion for farming and a strong drive to make our business the best we can be,” shares Gretel. Adding that with being first generation farmers, finding experienced growers to learn from has become an important part of how they’ve built Sunny Meadows.


Once they began growing, they immediately fell in love with spreading the joy of flowers. “We started by selling straight bunches of flowers (mainly sunflowers and zinnias), until we started making bouquets. And that’s when the obsession with flower artistry really began,” says Gretel.


Gretel explains how they realized they could create a botanical adventure by using what’s seasonally in bloom, making their weekly bouquets ever-changing. They have multiple sales outlets, making their focus as a business on both production and specialty crops. “Our passion drives our growth to supply more people with more flowers that are locally grown,” adds Gretel. 


And as a business owner, farm operations manager, and head grower extraordinaire, Steve’s vision of building a farm became the future of Sunny Meadows. Between planning out field operations, operating and maintaining the farm equipment, and managing florist accounts, Steve’s list of things to do never runs out.


Gretel shares that during the growing season, Steve keeps both the farm functioning and the flowers blooming. And where Steve had the vision, Gretel had the talent and desire to learn.


At Sunny Meadows, Gretel is the head of wedding and event design. “We provide full floral service for weddings and events, and offer a la carte services for those having smaller ceremonies or with little florals,” she explains.


Gretel is also constantly pushing the boundaries of her art in unique and exciting directions. She’s inspired by what’s blooming seasonally and how she can create the most beautiful floral designs she can. While her other specialties include orchestrating the farm team, post-harvest operations management, and customer relations/communication. 


Sunny Meadows is unique because of their strong focus on positive thinking and collaboration over competition. They strive for responsible stewardship, with fairly treated employees, while supporting a healthy community. 


Gretel says, “our flowers will arouse feelings of nostalgia, creating a botanical journey through seasonality and plant diversity. We hope to cultivate a greater connection to where your flowers come from, historically influenced by small scale floriculture.”


You can find Sunny Meadows selling at the Clintonville and Granville Farmer’s Markets each weekend, as well as the on-farm Flower Market. And they’ll be doing a floral installation for this year’s Independents’ Day Festival on September 16 and 17th.

Visit Sunny Meadows Flower Farm online at

And be sure to follow them on Pinterest and Instagram: @sunnymeadowsflowerfarm. Plus, follow Steve’s and Gretel’s Instagram: @flowerfarmer and @flowerfarmette.  



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