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Online Classes with Skin Perfect Academy

You may be “trapped” at home but you can still seize the moment to learn something new. Skin Perfect Academy is now offering online classes to those who want to dive deeper into the beauty industry.

“Skin Perfect Academy is now offering online classes,” they said on social media. “Enhance your esthetic knowledge with our challenging, in-depth, informative courses, all available now!”

Online courses offered through the Skin Perfect Academy include:

  • Skin Biology and Analysis
  • Skin Type: Dry vs Dehydrated
  • Skin Deep Course Collection
  • Advanced Exfoliation

The Skin Biology and Analysis is a two-part course that gives you the keys to understanding why the skin reacts the way it does and how to educate your clients on proper self-care. “Understanding the skin, its biology, function and disorders can be vital when treating clients each with their own unique set of needs,” the website says. “Make choosing skin treatments easy by being able to identify disorder, dysfunctions and what is causing them. Video demonstrations and visual charts for making learning easier.”

Skin Type: Dry vs Dehydrated is about discovering the difference between water and oil. “Do you know the difference? Learn how to properly treat skin that is lacking specific nutrients and take your skin care career to the next level,” the website says. “Do you understand the differences between dry and dehydrated skin? Providing effective results for your client starts with correctly identifying skin conditions. Learn how to easily analyze each client’s skin needs and boost your client satisfaction rates. Video demonstration and illustations for making learning easier. A deeper look into specific skin types and conditions. Visual training for some of the most sought-after facial treatments in the industry.”

The Skin Deep Course Collection is a bundled course that gives you complete access to our Skin Perfect Academy two-part course “Skin Biology and Analysis” plus the more in-depth “Skin Type: Dry vs Dehydrated” course. Bundling the two gives you a $99 discount.

Advanced Exfoliation helps you to better identify and implement the best course of treatment for each client’s unique skin journey. “Better understand when and why to use which method on each client, and build your confidence as your clientele grows,” the website shares. “We will help you discover safe methods of using them in combination so that you never second guess yourself and your client’s healthy skin remains top priority.”

You can sign up for classes at

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