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Pinots & Pampering

A local salon is revolutionizing the guest`s experience, adding technology into the consultation experience and ensuring a carefully customized image for each guest. Learn more about the salon and their upcoming Pinots and Pampering event.


Icanvasnvolvement with an education consulting company that works with Aveda Salons and inspired by insights into what consumers like and dislike about the salon experience, Stefani Fox opened the doors to Canvas Salon and Skin Bar this past April.


“The vision of Canvas is to set new standards in the beauty industry,” says Fox.


If you are looking for a unique salon experience, with added technology, and a truly customized look, then this is the salon for you.


When visiting the salon, each guest is asked to complete a questionnaire on an Ipad. The stylist, who is a thoroughly trained professional, then gives a thorough consultation to ensure a customized image for the guest. “At Canvas we work very hard to embody a new and innovative approach to the hair service,” explains Fox. Stylists at Canvas have an IPad on hand to access the web to be able to give examples of recommended cuts and colors, with the health of the hair as the main priority.


Canvas also takes a different approach to pricing. Rather than setting one price for each service, services are priced based on how much time they take. “Not everyone’s hair is created equal and it does not always take the same time to do a similar services. Because we customize what we are doing with every guest, down to the Aveda hair color formulation, we tell the guest before the service begins what his or her price would be today,” says Fox.



Canvas serves all kinds of hair and skin needs, including cuts, color, styling, waxing and facials. While Canvas strives to create and improve images for Columbus, Fox says that the target demographic is the business professional. “We believe that the way someone feels about how they look directly impacts their own level of confidence and for the business professional it is critical to their success that they feel like they look their best.”


Fox is excited to have her salon partner with Powell Village Winery for one of their monthly Women and Wine events.


On December 9, Columbus women will have a retreat from the holiday stress and enjoy this night of “Pinots and Pampering.”


canvas 1The event will take place at Powell Village Winery at 7 p.m. Canvas staff will be on site, providing stress-relieving hand, arm, neck and shoulder massages. The staff will also give mini makeup touch-ups with new Aveda holiday cosmetics and offer tips on makeup trends for the holiday season.


Fox says that her current focus is on the development of the team and the brand, but she has plans for expansion in the future. Due to the high quality of work Fox expects, her stylists must go through extensive training.


“We are professionals who aim to work with other professionals and anyone looking for a customized image instead of the same old, same old,” says Fox.


Canvas Salon and Skin Bar is located at 3893 Powell Road, Powell, Oh. 43065. Learn at


Photo Credit: Mike & Kim Photography

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