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Passion for Fashion

Maudie Lloyd is a local fashion blogger. Her blog- Maudie Lloyd – focuses on affordable, trendy, and unique clothing. Lloyd also sprinkles in some lifestyle and local events too. 


Lloyd’s blog has been a trendy online space for Columbus fashionistas since 2013.


She created the blog as an enjoyable creative outlet separate from her corporate job and to show off the awesomeness of Columbus. She adds that, “soon turned into a fun way to meet some great friends who share the same passion as I did.”


A lot of those new friends have similar (fashion) blogging interests too. Lloyd frequently reaches out to other Columbus bloggers to collaborate and help promote growth in one another’s blogging endeavors.


Lloyd’s blog aims to promote confidence in her readers through the expression of clothes that are both stylish and inexpensive. She personally shops secondhand and vintage clothing to help culminate affordable, fashionable finds for her readers. Explaining, “I also wanted to share with my followers that it’s possible to look great and stylish without spending a ton of money.” 


She believes that fashion can be trendy at low prices. “I think it’s absolutely doable to look good, be stylish, and not have to break the bank,” Lloyd explains. ”I believe that style is a unique way of expressing yourself and everyone should be able to do just that,” she adds.


But what has lLlyod been up to lately? “I’ve just been enjoying the warm weather and excited about it finally being spring! Looking to show my followers some cute new spring looks!” she shares. 


To find trendy spring looks for less, and all kinds of fashion finds, check out Maudie Lloyd’s blog online at And be sure to follow along on Instagram:@maudielloyd.


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