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Peace in the City

Replenish - Deja, CitySometimes, we all need a little peace of mind. But that can be hard when you’re also living in the heart of the city: sirens, cars zooming down the street, random snippets of pedestrian conversation.


Cbus Chic asked Deja Redman, co-owner of Replenish Yoga-Spa to share her insight. Read below to find out how you can find peace with the power of yoga and mediation:


In the midst of city life the question remains is it possible to find peace? It would be nice to have a remote control to our outside world to change the channel of negative circumstance or at least for us to be able to turn the volume down so we can have peace of mind, right? That would just make life way too easy, and as we grow deeper awareness, we begin to realize that ‘easy’ isn’t the path that leads us to enlightenment. So how do we find peace in the hustle and bustle of city life? This idea that the only way to find peace is if we go on a vacation, or find the perfect quiet zen space, or perhaps fulfill our lifelong dream to live on top of the highest mountain with our favorite monks. What’s true is, sure peace can be in all of those places and spaces, but what do we do with our everyday life in the meantime until those dreams are manifested?

The noise is getting louder, we are getting busier and we still all deserve the power and healing benefits of peace. It’s time we create daily healthy rituals that can allow peace to be threaded into our everyday life. Yoga and meditation are accessible to everyone at any given time of the day. We can’t pause all the noise, but we can pause ourselves and travel inward. Through the practice of yoga and meditation we begin to slowly unfold the mystery within and uncover that peace lives in the crevices inside each of us. For some, yoga can be looked at as a sport, for others, a practice for people who’re already flexible and fit. This is a mountainous misconception. Yoga is one of the oldest and wisest forms of exercise as it not only builds strength and flexibility with our physical body, but also builds strength and flexibility with our minds and lifestyle.

Isn’t this what we need in our tool belts to find peace in the city, strength to push us forward in the noise, and flexibility to help us navigate circumstances that quickly change throughout our day? The best part is, yoga meets us exactly where we are in life – fit or not fit. By moving our bodies we begin to massage away the clutter that hides our personal peace within.

In this day and age meditation is our super power. Through the practice of meditation we discover that the noise is unrelenting, and it’s always going to be there but that we are the controllers of how we react to the sound. Let’s think about this: most days we can’t turn off the sounds and create this perfect zen space, but we can practice the art of surrender through meditation. The action of choosing to sit in the middle of all the noise and just be present with what is. The goal isn’t to stop our brain from all the random thoughts about the noise, but to simply notice. Like traffic on the freeway, we allow our thoughts to move like cars going to unfamiliar places. We stay in a space of non-attachment; being unattached to any thought that arises.What we want to connect to and bring our focus to is our inhalation and exhalations.That’s it. How is that a super power? City life is unpredictable.

This practice of meditation can travel wherever we go. We have to find better ways to manage our stress levels. Creating healthy rituals like meditation puts the power of peace back into our own minds and bodies. So if we set aside 10 to 20 minutes a day to start, we begin to hone our very own super power.

We all know there’s an epidemic of stress-filled city life people, and the secret we all share is that we’re all looking for a bit more peace. Stress is the number one cause of disease and premature aging, plus so many other disorders. Life integration is the best way to maintain a healthy balance. Including yoga and meditation in our daily lives creates more balance and harmony, which is like the melody to the song of peace we all want to sing when we wake each morning to start our day. In our beautiful city it’s possible.
Maybe peace is a gift we’re given at birth and at some point we must unwrap this gift. Humans have evolved and we’ve changed the face of peace by default. We must look at peace differently. The world doesn’t look the same, so it’s only fair to say that peace will evolve and transform with the times. What we see on the outside can be perceived differently on the inside, if we choose. There is beauty in contrast and that’s the real magic of city life. We must embrace all of what city life brings, the yin and the yang. The spirit of the times is asking us to do more, but this time instead of doing more outside of ourselves, perhaps we do more within ourselves. Then and only then do we live in city life with peace.


Are you going to try bringing yoga and meditation into your daily life? If you are, but don’t think you can do it solo, don’t fret. Redman also shares her thoughts on the many studios the Columbus community has to choose from. She says, “Do your research and try more than one studio to find the perfect match.” And while yoga can be expensive, don’t worry too much. There are lots of donation-based yoga programs popping up all over the city.


Replenish, Deja, city 1For example, Redman brings up that, “The Columbus Museum of Art is a trailblazer in this movement of offering donation based yoga once a week, and acknowledging that the power of yoga and meditation will build, connect, and create a stronger healthier community.” She also mentions two more offerings: Yoga Enlarged, which is a yoga program developed for bigger beautiful bodies to have a safe nonjudgmental yoga space to practice in; Balanced Yoga, which offers classes for the whole family!


So try a yoga class and meditate amidst this busy city life. And don’t forget to visit Replenish: spa co-op online at

Plus, learn more about Columbus, Museum of Art, Yoga Enlarged, and Balanced Yoga by visiting them online at, and