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Peak Human Performance

Life as we know it has changed dramatically in the last few weeks. Per Governor DeWine’s recent stay-at-home orders, gyms have been shut down in order to help people practice safe social distancing. 

That means Peak Human Performance, a private training facility and pilates studio, has shuttered their doors as we wait out the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

The gym, which typically works with high performing families, business owners, former college and high school athletes, moms, dads, and juniors, has adapted to our new normal by offering online classes and guided workouts. 

“We knew right away that the key to people getting through this was to help guide them towards staying on their routine but at the same time people were losing their jobs, hours were getting cut and life just seemed to be in shambles for a lot of people so instead of doing what the rest of the industry was doing we decided to offer all of our virtual classes for free because we believe that the community needed this now more than ever and we didn’t want someones personal financial situation to limit their access to life saving or even life changing coaching,” explains Peak Human Performance CEO Alex White. “We also created a series of at home guided workouts for our clients to follow on their own for just $4.99 if doing a group class wasn’t their style.”

Alex White, CEO of Peak Human Performance

The new offerings are allowing the gym to stay behind its two driving concepts:

1. Helping former athletes who used to be in the best shape of their lives get the same personalized, focused coaching and nutrition guidance and accountability they are searching for in a no nonsense, no gimmicks way.

2. To teach developing athletes the training, recovery, and mindset techniques and skills required to perform in sport and in life.

With a new way of reaching clients, White and his colleague Ken Kniss are offering a way for you to stay healthy while you’re quarantining. 

White says the sign up process for free virtual classes from Peak Human Performance is simple and easy. He says to visit and click on the red button that says “Book a Free Virtual Class.” From there you can create an account and start scheduling sessions.

When you visit the website you can sign up for weekly email updates to stay informed on special topics, class changes, and motivation. “We also provide a free mindset and nutrition discussion live from the facility each week where we talk about different strategies to stay positive and overcome obstacles we all face during trying times,” he adds.

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