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A Duck’ing Fashionista

Towering in at six feet tall, Stephanie Foster, born and raised in Columbus, is a certified “tall girl.” She’s also the clothing designer and owner of Prissy Duck: a feminine clothing line that caters to the young professional fashionista.

“We offer an array of items for average height and tall women that can easily go from day to night and that’s vital in the life of a professional young woman,” explains Foster.  Adding that it’s important to have versatile, yet fashionable, and sexy clothing that allows you to fulfill all of your tasks for the day.


“I was inspired to start Prissy Duck because, as mentioned before, I’m a tall woman and I’ve always had trouble finding clothes that fit me properly,” Foster shares, adding that if she did find the clothes, they were unflattering, plain, way too expensive, or just downright ugly. “I knew someday I wanted to do something about that.”


Foster had been working and building Prissy Duck for quite some time, but her line made its runway debut in October 2014 at Fashion Week Columbus. Since then, some of her biggest accomplishments this year have been increasing sales and brand awareness. Plus, collaborating with some popular fashionistas who became brand ambassadors for Prissy Duck.


Prissy Duck is unique because, Foster says, it offers all its items to tall women as well. She explains how there are a lot of sites who only offer a select few of their items to taller customers, while average height women have a multitude of choices. “It’s just not right,” she laughs. “I wanted a shopping experience that allowed tall women to feel the same joy when they come across my website.”


This upcoming year, Prissy Duck will focus only on its tall customers. “We’ll be slowly phasing out the other items for shorter and average height women and building a new, larger inventory catering to tall women,” says Foster. These items will include:

  • pants
  • swimwear
  • coats
  • jumpsuits
  • and more 

“There’s still a great need for fashionable and affordable clothing to be available to tall women and we intend to fill that void,” adds Foster. 

 Learn more about Stephanie Foster and Prissy Duck by visiting online at And follow on Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram: @prissyduckdes.


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