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Raising The Barre

UPDATE: The Beauty Barre is now The Beauty Boost. Visit Rachel Kerr and the newly named Beauty Boost online at and Instagram: @thebeautyboost

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 6.19.08 PMWith so many friends talking about  how much they disliked their jobs and dreaded their days, and after listening to women put each other down and create competition, Rachel Kerr saw a need to create something healthy and empowering for the women around her.


“I searched for a community of inspiring and motivating women, but couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for,” Kerr recalls.  


She would meet amazing women throughout the day, women she knew would benefit from being connected to other amazing gals. Kerr says, “I wanted to create an amazing space where women with shared values could come together to motivate one another, inspire each other, and create an overall happier lifestyle.”


And so she created The Beauty Barre: a virtual space for women to come and feel empowered, healthy, and beautiful.


The Beauty Barre offers women different ways to feel inspired and energized. From the virtual end, they send out a weekly beauty boost to your email that’s full of inspiration and happiness. They also have pop-up sweat sessions each month, healthy retreat getaways, health coaching, career coaching, and life coaching.


Catch all The Beauty Barre’s latest by visiting them online at and following them on Instagram: @the_beautybarre. And even though their Winter Retreat (Feb. 19-21) is SOLD-OUT, keep an eye open for more! But if you can’t wait for the next retreat, they also have “A Taste of Fitness” coming up on March 20 for just $10. Grab the details and register by clicking here.


And for final thoughts, check out The Beauty Barre’s “About” video.