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Real Food, Real Simply Taylor

Taylor Riggs is a twenty-something Registered Dietitian from Columbus and creator of the healthy living blog, Simply Taylor. She’s also the author of the cookbook Real Food, Real Simple: 80 Delicious Gluten-Free and Paleo-Friendly Recipes in 5 Steps or Less.


Riggs started blogging during her second year of college as an outlet for sharing the foods she was eating, plus the workouts she was doing.


It wasn’t until later that it turned into a true recipe blog, she explains.


As a recipe blog, Riggs connects to her readers in fun and engaging ways. She says, “I love coming up with new creations in the kitchen and helping to show people that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless!”


Adding, “My number one mission with my blog, cookbook, and social media outlets is to make healthy eating more approachable for people.”  Oftentimes, making efforts toward a healthier lifestyle (and diet in particular) can seem really intimidating and overwhelming.


Riggs shares that, “I try my best to keep things as simple as possible, and help people understand that even small changes can make a big difference!”


For Riggs, the biggest highlight of starting her blog is the release of her cookbook this year. “I think every food blogger dreams of writing a cookbook, and seeing the recipes come to life on the pages and watching others cook them in their own kitchens is a feeling that is so indescribable,” she says.


“It’s so awesome seeing people across the country posting their photos of the recipes they make on social media – it makes my day every time!” Riggs mentions.


You can get  copy of Taylor Riggs’s cookbook – Real Food, Real Simple – at Barnes & Noble, Amazon,, and wherever books are sold nationwide. And be sure to visit Riggs online at and follow her on Instagram: @simplytaylorblog.


*Photos are by Allie Lehman of The Wonder Jam


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