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Review: Columbus Axe Throwing

Columbus is my favorite city in the world for a ton of a reasons: Ohio State football, all 10,000 festivals in the summer, its entrepreneurial spirit, and, now, Axe Throwing.


My bearded and soon-to-be LumberLord boyfriend, Derek and I were more than excited to check out Columbus Axe Throwing thanks to Cbus Chic!


Naturally, we turned our Axe Throwing excursion into date night. The actual location is inside of an indoor soccer facility on the northern side of Columbus. We chose a rainy, gloomy day to get our throwing on, which was a wonderful decision. Upon arrival, there was a large party waiting around. We soon learned that this was a group of coworkers who were participating in team building.


Soon after entering, we were greeted by our instructor. He had us fill out a waiver on a tablet and meet him on the other side of the structure. We filled out name tags with fake viking names. Mine was Khaleesi, obviously. The group of coworkers, Derek and I were split into two groups. The names of the groups were awesome, although, right now, I can’t remember what they were.


Regardless, the two teams shared on axe throwing “stall” if you will, with two targets. We went head to head against each other in a few practice rounds before really getting started.

I should tell you this, axe throwing is not as easy as I thought it would be. Although Derek took to it like a fish to water, but I don’t think I made the axe stick to the wooden target, once. No matter: it was still a blast.


After playing a few rounds of essentially just throwing the axe at the target against a different opponent, we ended with a tournament style game. If you were given a certain number of lives, and once you lost them (didn’t make your axe stick, or received a lower score on the target than your opponent) you were out.


Derek ended up winning the game and was named the LumberLord of the day. That was pretty fun. Of course, no one was surprised.


Champ ?

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All in all, it was a very fun date night. If you’re considering axe throwing, I will tell you these few things:

  • Dress athletically and comfortably 
    While I didn’t break a sweat, this is a physical activity. You’ll fit in and be more comfortable in tennis shoes and leggings.
  • Bring a big group or prepare to make friends 
    We had one instructor and two groups of six. There is a lot of down time between your turns. The entire time we were axe throwing, I was imagining how much
    more fun it would be if our friends were with us. But we did get to know and enjoyed hanging out with our new friends, just the same. 
  • Eat before or plan to eat after 
    There is a concession stand that is a part of the indoor soccer facility, so if you need to run out and grab a snack or a gatorade, you totally can. Axe throwing works up an appetite though! (We grabbed Rooster’s afterward!) Oh, and keep in mind that it is in an indoor soccer facility, so if you hear shouting or see a flying ball, ya know, don’t get freaked out.
  • Don’t stress. Have fun
    For a little bit, I got pretty frustrated that I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to make the axe stick into the wood target. The instructor is in the throwing stall with you and will give you advice on how to make your axe stick. However, I still had trouble. But I was not alone. There were only a handful of people that consistently made it into the target on every turn.


Thanks to Cbus Chic for letting us have a unique and very fun night out!


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