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Review: Putting My Fresh Face Forward

Juvly Growing up, I always had issues with my skin. Breakouts, seemingly uncontrollable acne…it was an agonizing and stressful teenage years of gross skin. I treat dermatologists and “as seen on TV” products. Nothing really seemed to work. Well, it worked at drying my skin out and making me peel like a lizard. 


It look ALOT of patience and major changes to my diet, exercise, and skincare routine (including multiple Google searches, books, research, and product testing) to get it under control. And while, for the most most, I have a general understanding of what works for my skin, I really don’t know how to care for it. 


Thankfully, Juvly Aesthetics was there to provide me with a service, insight, and product details about what was best for my skin. And since November is Healthy Skin Month, I decided to try out their Baby Face Dermaplane Facial. 


I walked into Juvly, located Downtown on Gay St., having just dodged most of the rain. I was pretty bare faced (wearing only a light layer of BB Cream), and realizing that I was going to be taking some #makeupfree selfies for this post as I waited for my appointment with Master Aesthetician Karen Farrell. After waiting a few minutes (and posting on IG Stories), Karen walked out and led my back for my facial. 


As I sat down, she asked me what issues I’ve had with my skin, and if I was interested in learning more about how to care for it. I enthusiastically said: Yes! She talked with me about foods (like coffee) which are heavy with oils that can build up in your body, causing your skin to break out. We also touched on noticing if breakouts happened cyclical (which means it’s tied to my hormones and menstrual cycle). 


Then it was time for the facial! 


After cleaning and prepping my face, Karen continued to talk with me about how I’d treated my skin in the past, all while explaining what products and tools she was using during my facial. One the major parts of the treatment was dermaplaning. Dermaplaning, as Karen explained, “is a harmless process where I scrape the dead, or old, skin cells that have build up over the past 28 days.” She does this by lightly taking a scalpel-like tool is brushed over my face, removing the old skin and “peach fuzz.” And believe me, it really was painless; all I felt was a light pressure on my skin (Karen also made sure my eyes were covered during this process). 


Karen then used an exfoliator (which Juvly sells) that’s made with Vitamin C + E. And while I enjoyed the fact that my face smelled like an orange, Karen explained how the vitamins help repair my skin. But by far, my favorite, and most interesting part of the facial, was at the end. And that’s because it involves Emu fat. 


That’s right: Emu fat. 


The last step of my facial was a moisturizer (which Juvly also sells) whose main ingredient is Emu fat. And as Karen says, “if you’re a true vegan, this probably isn’t for you.” But I was loving it. She explained that most moisturizers work by trapping water in your skin. This does hydrate the skin, but it doesn’t really treat it. But the Emu fat in this moisturizer does just that. The fact mimics the way lipids (fats we naturally have in our body) work; making this a much more natural way to moisturize your skin. 


Once the treatment was over, I sat up and couldn’t believe how soft and clean my face felt. There’s a reason this service is called the Baby Face Facial. I felt like a happy baby (both figuratively and literally). I had a nice glow about my skin, and even several days after, my skin still feels incredibly soft. Check out my pre and post (no makeup) photos: 

  Pre facial - juvly post facial - juvly





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*This post is sponsored by Juvly Aesthetics, but all opinions are our own*