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Review: Studio Torch

Me – not aware of how much I’m about to workout & sweat

When asked about my workout ability, I usually tell people I’m a pretty out-of-shape fit person. Do workout 3-5 times a week. Shouldn’t that mean I’m pretty good at this whole exercise thing? 


You’d think so. But here’s the deal: I’m WAY into low intensity stuff like weight-training and yoga. Going for a light jog is about as intense as it gets for me.


But on occasion, for the sake of Cbus Chic, I decide to try something new and intense. So when I was asked to take a preview class (11/13) for the soon-to-open Studio Torch, I said: sure, how intense can a HIIT workout be? 


First off, Studio Torch does HIIT: high intensity interval training. I should have known from the name that this class was gonna be tough, but I figured that the circuits couldn’t be that bad, it would kinda be like when I train, right? 


Sorta … like I said earlier, I train at a pretty low-intensity. So this amount of movement was gonna get me sweating more than usual. Most of Studio Torch’s classes are 60 minutes, but they change up the specific classes depending on the day. 


 But for this class, I was in a 60 minute whole body workout. Here’s how that broke down: 4 Stations –> 3 exercises at each station —> 3 rounds of each exercise circuit —> 3 minutes to complete each station. AND REPEAT. You end up doing about 4 rotations at each station during the 60 minute class. 


You can start off at any station, but I decided to go in order and choose Station 1 as my starting point. I will say, this is very much a set your own pace kinda workout.


If you like to push yourself, or feed off the competitive energy of a group class, then run a higher speed, add more weight, etc.  As I don’t like the “oh! I worked out so hard I feel like I’m gonna puke” feeling, I choose to jog instead of run on the treadmill and used some light weights and kettle ball. Note: I also only got through about one circuit during the three minutes at each station. 


While I’m still a fan of my low-intensity and yoga workouts, I liked the change of pace and activity that HIIT and Studio Torch offer. I took a couple months off from training and working out, so this class was a good motivator to get me ready to sweat again. 


You can learn more about Studio Torch and their classes by visiting them online at AND read out post on Studio Torch here



*Cbus Chic’s Local Editor received a complimentary class, but all opinions are her own*


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