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Say-n-Play Columbus

Signe Anderson, is a new mother, a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, and an avid explorer of Columbus. She’s also the creator of the blog: Say-n-Play Columbus


The idea for the blog began in early 2015, when Anderson was pregnant with her daughter. At the time, Anderson was out exploring the sights and sounds of Columbus and planning a lot of her speech therapy activities at home.


And then Anderson had an idea.


“I thought it would be fun to combine the two and share ways to promote language development with other families, either at home or while out exploring the city,” she explains. 


Anderson adds, “My first blog post went live on July 26, 2015, about six hours before I went into labor with my daughter.” 


The mission of the blog is to provide families with ways to promote a child’s language development both at home and out and about in the community. When featuring activities for the home, Anderson likes to choose materials that are either already in the house or not that hard to find at the store. “Think the ‘dollar spot’ at Target,” Anderson explains.


For an outing in the community, she likes to try and provide at least one way to promote language development while participating in the activity.


Anderson also enjoys partnering with local and small businesses, and meeting new friends in the community. “There are so many places and people whom I would have never met if not for the blog,” she shares.


Also, Anderson loves hearing from others about how much fun they’re having with one of the featured home activities she’s posted or at one of the spots in the city she’s suggested.


New things are coming to the blog towards the end of April. Anderson is getting ready to start a new series which will feature a member of the community. She’s promising some fun activities and recommendations; for example, one of the features was asked to share a way she likes to cook with kids or a favorite restaurant that’s enjoyed by the family.  


Learn more about Signe Anderson and her blog at And don’t forget to follow Say-n-Play on Facebook and Instagram: @saynplaycolumbus


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