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Six Ways to Coordinate Your Makeup with Your Outfit

6 Ways to Coordinate Your Makeup with Your Outfit

Coordinating your outfit and makeup isn’t just about having fun. It’s a strategy in looking good that is practically impossible to fail! All things considered, makeup is a vital part of completing your look. Thus, it is crucial to coordinate its elements well.

Unfortunately, with regards to choosing makeup, a lot of people work on autopilot. Women usually tend to stick to the same makeup products each year. Even women who are quite tempted to take a chance at something new frequently wind up overwhelmed by the unlimited array of products and colors displayed in a standard makeup store.

While it might be simpler to use familiar tones to steer clear of a makeup catastrophe, you could be passing up that ideal shade of lipstick or eyeshadow. In any case, similar to all makeup trends, it’s a bit of a challenge not to go overboard. Therefore, it is necessary to know the basics and a few handy tips to ensure that you will not look tacky when you coordinate your makeup with your outfit.

Remember to Complement, not Match!

Having lipstick with a similar shade to your favorite dress doesn’t mean you need to use it. At the same time, it’s entirely acceptable to match your outfit and your lipstick when you’re dressed in a traditional shade of pink or red. However, it’s usually not a good idea to match lips and dresses with darker hues or bright jewel tones.

Coordinating your outfit and makeup doesn’t mean wearing a single color from your face down to your shoes. Instead, opt for makeup shades that complement what you’re wearing, instead of matching it precisely. Going for dark plum lips to match a deep purple dress will make your outfit seem dull.  Thus, pick a clear lip gloss with a hint of violet to complete your look without drawing attention off of your dress.

You can also search for makeup shades that naturally complement what you are wearing. For example, you can pair a red top with rich green eyeshadow or complement a seafoam gown with pink lipstick.

Distribute Colors Evenly

Even the most talented makeup artists and stylists struggle with matching any lipstick color with a dress while maintaining an elegant and polished look. Nobody said working with shades and colors was easy. Moreover, it’s incredibly challenging to coordinate a makeup shade to a large piece of clothing. One method to ensure you can avoid looking tacky is to distribute your colors equally.

Try picking one of your purses, shoes, or other accessories and strive to coordinate your eyeshadow or lipstick with that particular accessory. Since you’ll just be focusing on a single accessory rather than the full outfit, it is easier to coordinate your makeup while saving a lot of time. 

Green purse? Don’t worry! You can simply choose a complementary hue for your lips to neatly tie your outfit together. 

Stay Within One Color Palette

If you want to go out wearing an outfit with bold colors, you should try to avoid using a similar bold hue for your makeup. Instead, pick a softer shade of the color of your outfit. 

For instance, you can opt for baby pink lips for a coral dress or blue-gray eyeshadow for bright blue clothes. Lastly, opting to play down the features of your face will perfectly go with a loud outfit.

One Feature Focus

Try to pick a sole feature as your focus, such as the lips or eyes, and apply your outfit-coordinating shade solely there. For example, if you want your eyes to stand out, you can apply EyeDefine Liquid Eyeliner and eyeshadow from to make it look deep and alluring. 

Moreover, if you are confident enough, you may even be able to pull off a second focus with another shading. If you are wearing a multi-colored outfit, you can use one color for the eyeliner and another for the lips.

Never Match Your Eyeshadow to Your Outfit

Regardless of whether you want a loud look or not, eyeshadow should never be coordinated with the shade of your outfit. 

Striking patterns, colors, and color blocking are excellent choices for an outfit. Thus, if you are going for an adventurous look, stay to natural eyeshadow colors, such as soft pink, brown, beige, or gold.

If what you’re wearing leans more to shades of gray, black, or brown, it’s alright to opt for smoldering smokey eye makeup, in black, plum, or brown hues. All in all, loud outfits should be paired with soft eyeshadow colors while bold hues complement neutral clothing.

Don’t Overthink It

Stuff like color wheels has a ton of data and information to take in. Thus, regardless of anything else, one of the most important things to note is not to overcomplicate it. These basic “rules” and color theories are indeed great stepping stones to help coordinate your makeup with your outfit. 

Nonetheless, don’t also let these tips hold you back from pairing a couple of colors in your makeup palette. Most artists create their best work when they overlook the rules in art and just let their creativity run free. Regarding your makeup, consider yourself an artist and try to experiment on what you think would look good.

Having a good set of rules is indeed great to have a basis for most of your work. However, that doesn’t signify that you can’t try out new colors, hues, and styles that work against those rules. Regardless of anything else, you need to utilize your makeup in a way that makes you feel good and confident..


Women are not born experts in how to do their makeup to complement their outfits impeccably. Although there are rules to help you coordinate your makeup with your outfit, these “rules” are not meant to limit you on how you want to do your makeup. It is better to see these rules as guidelines rather than a definite standard in looking good. These guidelines aren’t intended to restrict you, for all women are entitled to express themselves in the way they want.

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Lexi is a student and freelance writer who loves all things beauty related! Her side job at Ulta keeps her up-to-date on many of the trends in make-up, hair and skin care and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with her customers. Hoping to grow her online presence in the wake of COVID, Lexi has also begun writing blogs and articles to develop an audience and help women outside her social circle to recognize that, while true beauty comes from the inside, it’s easy and fun to reflect your inner beauty on the outside! When she isn’t working, studying, or creating make-up and skin care tutorials for her friends, Lexi enjoys skiing and visiting amusement parks to find the best roller coasters, or curling up with her cat, Mandu, a great cappuccino, and a good romance novel.

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