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Sneak Peek: The Village of Minerva Park

Earlier this week, I told you about how the fam and I have been spending a ton of time in Westerville with our friends who recently moved there (and LOVE it). I also mentioned that M/I Homes is about to open its third (yes, third) new home community in Westerville called “The Village of Minerva Park.”


Well, I just got the opportunity to tour the home before even the designers get to bring in all the furniture and decor. And even without all of those bells and whistles, the place is awesome. I can’t wait to go to the Grand Opening event on March 25 to see it all decked out! I’ll be bringing the family (and our Westerville friends) because it’ll be family friendly and they’ll have a food truck, too!


There’s a school right at the end of the street (technically IN the community!) which makes it a short happy stroll to school every day, how nice! Each room has beautiful natural light pouring in, and the views out of each window are gorgeous because they somehow found a parcel of land where you get the best of both worlds… the convenience of being close to everything like schools, community amenities, and shopping (even being just a few minutes away from Easton!) but you look out your kitchen window and all you see are big, mature pine trees and greenery.


At the sneak peek event I was invited to, with a bunch of other local bloggers, they had some of their M/I Homes corporate folks there to talk with us. They were surprisingly open and honest about the process, talking about how their hands-on, friendly and flexible approach to doing business allowed them to get the parcel of land from Minerva administrators, who apparently were extremely protective and careful of who/what they allowed into this lovely piece of land… as they should be.


The M/I Homes people also talked about how this community will be a perfect fit for a first-time home buyer because, with things like their “Smart Series” home concept, they’ve streamlined the process of buying a new home so you can get the most bang for your buck. And that’s not just lip service. They explained how exactly they go about doing it, and it makes sense. First off, this is the first M/I Home community without an HOA, so there’s immediate savings there.


Then, there’s the streamlined “cycle time” process, aka how long it takes from the sale to the move in day. First off, they hold your hand through the financing process to make sure you get the best rates and most efficient process. Then, you get one big visit instead of giving you months and multiple visits with the designers to pick out all your materials, some of which could be delayed/out of stock, which causes delays and extra costs. So, they paired down the choices to their most popular (read: not the cheapest) and the ones where their buying power essentially guarantees in stock availability when they need it.


All this efficiency translates to lower price point for you AND the bonus benefit of being able to move in quickly. Just as an example, they said everyone who’s buying at the event on March 25 (they already anticipate 20 sales based on feedback!) will be moving in third or fourth quarter this year! That’s amazing, especially considering that it typically takes two or three times that in other new homes!


Pretty smart… hmm, maybe that’s why they called it that! haha!


I’m really impressed already, and like I said, I can’t wait to see it all decorated. They work with one of the most decorated decor experts in the biz, Mary Cook (I even have her book!). Can’t wait to see what they do to fill all these room! Always so many good decor ideas, even if you aren’t in the market for a home! Hope to see you at the event! In the meantime, watch the sneak peek video above for a time lapse tour of the pre-Mary Cook’ed home!


Learn more about M/I Homes and the “Village at Minerva Park” community by visiting them online at You can RSVP to the March 25 Grand Opening by clicking here