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Spotlight: Autumn Theodore Photography

Autumn Theodore‘s love of taking photos started about 13 years ago. But it wasn’t until 2011 that Theodore bought here first ever DSLR camera just for fun. “But people quickly started to offer me money to take photos once they saw the images I posted on social media,” she recalls.


Theodore officially started her photography business in August 2012. And was able to fully support herself with Autumn Theodore Photography in December 2016. “I just celebrated my one year anniversary a few weeks ago,” exclaims Theodore. 


As a commercial photographer, Theodore utilizes her seven plus years of marketing experience to help brands plan and curate image libraries that easily handle the rapid need for timely, fresh images for websites, marketing materials, and social media. “I specialize in portrait, product, event, and brand photography here in Columbus,” she explains. 


But Theodore’s absolute favorite parts of being a self-employed photographer might come as a surprise. “It actually has nothing to do with photography,” she says. “First, I love choosing how I spend my time, and second, I love meeting new people and spending time together co-working, collaborating, or just chatting.” 


Theodore also shares how this year, as well as in the new year, she’ll continue to narrow her niche within commercial photography. Plus, she plans to travel more in 2018, learn about new photography techniques, and continue to do pro bono photography every year to help those committed to doing great things in the community.


If you’re interested in knowing more about what Theodore will be up to in 2018, check out the blog post she recently wrote on her goals for the new year (click here to read). And you can subscribe to her “Focus Friday” blog to learn more about photography. “Everything I write is meant to educate, entertain, expose, and and encourage,” she shares. 


Learn more about Autumn Theodore Photography by visiting: Plus follow her on Instagram: @autumntheodorephotography.

And be sure to catch her BFF-4-Eva event on February 4 with The Beauty Boost


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