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Spotlight: Columbus Book Project

When Alexia Winfield moved to Columbus, she knew nothing about the city. So, she began exploring the city. “Arriving in Columbus with no previous connection, I was faced with the challenge of immersing myself in the local experience,” Winfield recalls.

“I couldn’t find the kind of guide I was looking for, so instead—the more I explored—this unfamiliar city inspired me,” she says. “As l discovered Columbus, I realized I needed to create a coffee-table book that would be the guide I had wanted, so everyone, new or not,  could get to know this amazing city.”

That’s how her idea evolved into the Columbus Book Project: two crafted coffee-table books celebrating the creative electricity that flows through its communities and culture. Readers will get to journey around Columbus through the eyes and words of 200+ local creatives.

Columbus Book Project aims to share and celebrate — through photographs, video, and editorials — the art, style, and culture of Columbus. The hope is that this descriptive representation of the city will inspire readers to engage with their community, and experience it through the people who thread together its culture.

The two books (REVEAL and EXPLORE) will hit shelves on November 15. Each book is organized into curated sections; like an art-gallery-like experience. Readers can travel into neighborhoods and get to know some of the people who’ve contributed to Columbus’s culture.

The books are designed to stand alone, each one featuring different visuals and narrative stories. But you can also get them as a bundle. You’ll also be able to grab a copy of the books at several local spots.

Click here for the list. 

Columbus Book Project will be hosting a Launch Party to celebrate the books release. The event takes place on November 29, 7-9PM at The Columbus Museum of Art. 

Learn more about Winfield, her team, and Columbus Book Project online at

Also, be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram: @thecolumbusbookproject



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