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Spotlight: Graffiti Camp For Girls

Christine Brunner is very new to living in Dayton, but she’s been coming to the area to work, dine, play, and enjoy the arts scene for many years.


As the Resident Artist with the Human Race Theatre Company, she performs at the Loft Theatre in Downtown Dayton. She’s also a professional actor, voiceover artist, and model. But it’s her love of graffiti and street art that launched her newest project: Graffiti Camp for Girls: Dayton Edition.


“I’m known to drive off the main road and stop the car to admire graffiti,” Brunner shares.


She came across an online article about artist Nina Wright (more commonly known “GirlMobb”).  Wright is a classically trained artist, muralist, print maker, and teacher — known for saturating the Bay Area with murals, street art, and gallery shows.


Brunner found Wright’s website:, and wrote her a note. “I essentially said: ‘you don’t know me, but if you’d ever be willing to bring this concept to Dayton, Ohio, I’ll chair the project for you,'” Brunner recalls.  Wright sent back an excited response: “I can come THIS December!”  


Wright is originally from Cincinnati, and Brunner says she’s really excited to be combining a trip home for the holidays with her first out-of-state version of Graffiti Camp for Girls. “She’s an extraordinarily gifted artist, and her signature style of strong colors and shapes, combined with a powerful message for GIRLS is becoming more and more recognizable,” shares Brunner.


Brunner details how, “this camp is extraordinary, in that the win-win situation of giving girls – who otherwise wouldn’t typically be found in an expensive art camp – something excellent: instruction and a built-in gallery for their work.”


She adds, “combined with several days of all-female power-house guidance and teamwork, plus the bonus and incredible outcome of public art. Public art that’ll be cherished and enjoyed by the community who now has a masterpiece in place of blankness.  The concept lights up everyone who hears about it!”


Participants for the Dayton Camp will paint on December 26, 27, and 28 for three long days, with an Unveiling Party on the evening of Thursday, December 28The Yellow Cab Tavern, former home of the Yellow Cab Co, will host. Owner Tara Moore, was intrigued by Brunner’s first note of introduction, a meeting was set up, and the project took on a life of its own very quickly.  


“Since it’ll be held during the winter cold, it was crucial to find an indoor venue,” explains Brunner. She says the participants will be covering two freshly prepped grey cinderblock walls, one in each of the two new restroom facilities in the old building.  


To help with the Camp costs, Brunner has a GoFundMe campaign running. The Camp is asking for donations of any size on a GoFundMe page, but the need for many small donations of $2 to $5 still remains. Brunner further adds that donations of $5 or more receive and invitation to the Unveiling Party.


And for those who’re interested in Graffiti Camp for Girls: Dayton Edition, but wish it were a bit warmer, Brunner has exciting news: “We have arrangements from the University of Dayton to host a Graffiti Camp (Dayton) 2.0 in warmer weather already” she says. 


You can learn more about Graffiti Camp for Girls and donate on the GoFundMe project page. You can also nominate girls, age 12-17, who want to be considered to paint by clicking here

Graffiti Camp for Girls was created after Nina Wright (Girl Mobb) recognized the inequality with the number of girl street artists working in the area. Graffiti Camp for Girls takes a diverse group of girls, supported by grants and donations, and involves them in a 4-5 day workshop series. Classes start with mural painting, the medium of spray paint, drawing, and ends in the creation of a massive mural; created with the support from an owner of the venue on which the mural will live. 

Currently, the camps have only been held in Northern California, but have received media attention from as far away as Japan. 

You can learn more about Graffiti Camp for Girls by visiting them online at And follow Wright on Instagram: @GIRLMOBB.

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