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The 7 Life Miracles with Julie Wilkes

After overcoming a heart condition that threatened her life, a local woman used fitness and wellness to maintain her health. Learn more on how this later led to a career that has now expanded into a successful studio and fitness empire.


IMG_3333When Julie Wilkes survived a terminal heart condition that gave her a limited life expectancy, she believed health and wellness played a role in helping her overcome her obstacles. Despite her medical issues, she has risen to become an experienced fitness instructor that has been teaching group fitness classes for over 20 years.


To offer the gift of health and wellness, Wilkes has created Seven Studios, a studio that provides yoga, Pilates, barre, bootcamp classes and aromatherapy products to anyone in the Columbus area.


Opening Seven Studios in June 2013 was Wilkes’s way of giving the gift of a second chance at life. Wilkes has a lot to offer as an instructor: she has received much recognition from being one of the Top 10 Champions of Health and Wellness by FITNESS Magazine to being the finalist for Yoga Journal Yoga Photo.


Her talents extend from motivational speaking to starring in fitness videos to developing fitness apps. Her latest venture is writing a book called The 7 Life Miracles, which will publish on February 25. “This book shares seven areas for life awareness, that when focused on, can change and empower your life in an amazing and miraculous way,” says Wilkes. She explains that her book and studio are both connected to the 7 Life Miracles methods, which is where the name Seven Studios came from.


Her many projects also include an aromatherapy line that was inspired from writing her book about the seven concepts that empower life in amazing and miraculous ways. “Each miracle has a color and scent associated with it, to help someone connect with the idea in a tangible way,” explains Wilkes. Each scent was selected to match the miracle, based on how the various scents enhance the feelings within the mind and body. There are eight scents overall and all come in the form of a candle, body spray and reed diffuser.


Wilkes also develops mobile apps. She created the Happy Life App, an iTunes app that is designed to help someone focus on doing one thing every day that inspires or teaches them something new. “By doing one of these things every day, it helps guide us to a healthy, happy life, one day at a time,” says Wilkes.


To start off the New Year right, Wilkes suggests staying positive and focusing on your successes from the past year. “By focusing on your strengths, they can help you move forward in your goals and aspirations,” explains Wilkes. Three things that Wilkes says to focus on when setting your goals is to make yourself accountable to your goals by telling someone else about them, practice consistently over time and make sure your fitness activities are fun.


Wilkes has no problem setting goals herself, however. She has many plans to pursue during this New Year. Once the book launches on February 25, 2014, she will have a book tour and motivational speaking circuit as well as offer weekend retreats. After, she will offer seven concepts at fitness conferences and organize a Seven Studios Cap City Half Marathon Team. She also hopes to expand her philanthropic efforts by partnering with local charities like the Cancer Support Community Center.


For now, readers who are interested in bettering themselves for the New Year can visit Seven Studios to learn more or attend a goal-setting workshop on January 12 or a DEFY GRAVITY Arm Balance workshop on January 25.


“Our goal is to provide every member a unique experience, where their personal goals are supported and they are accepted and inspired to live their best life each day.”


Seven Studios is located at 275 S. 3rd Street


Wilkes is confident in the influence Seven Studios has provided with each of its members and encourages anyone interested to find more information here.



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