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The Business of Fashion

IMG_9743As much as the fashion industry values creativity, vision, and artistic instincts, brands and designers must also have structure, strategy, and a plan to take them to the next level. That’s where IL Moda Columbus comes in. It’s a fashion PR firm that specializes in media relations, product development, brand development and more, offering their clientele an all-inclusive approach.


The founder of IL Moda, Lubna Najjar, has been able to successfully combine a love of fashion with a business acumen in order to create IL Moda, whose name means “The Fashion” in Arabic.


Najjar has her own line, Lubna Designs, and began to see a need in the industry for those looking to grow their brand.


“My brand was doing really well and I ran my own PR, and eventually other brands started asking me how I did it,” she says. “I started informally consulting with people and thought I could put a plan behind this and essentially help people do what I’m doing for my own brand,” Najjar says.


Najjar understands the product development and brand development side of the business. She received her MBA in 2013 and says she has a love for business. Combining that with her instincts for fashion and it ended up as the perfect fit. IL Moda was in development for over a year, but officially launched this year in January and opened their showroom in June.


In an industry where everyone is looking for the next hottest thing, Najjar emphasizes establishing milestones for brands and customizing their strategy to fit a long-term plan.


IMG_9713Different than your run of the mill PR firm, IL Moda has two sides: an international side and a local side. The international side has proven great for making connections in bigger fashion arenas like Los Angeles and New York City. The local side caters to the Columbus community, offering a chance for people to purchase from Columbus designers in the showroom. IL Moda also offers beauty services such as facials and waxing from the FY Beauty Bar.


Not only is Najjar looking to conquer the fashion PR world, she has her sights set on the digital world next. The IL Moda app launched the first week of August, available for download on iPhone or Android, and features the designers they carry in the showroom along with a selection of clothes the user can look through and purchase with a tap of their finger. There’s also a separate section on the app for featured bloggers, which Najjar says has been receiving a lot of buzz.


For those who are interested in a similar career path, Najjar suggests figuring out early on what you want to do in the fashion industry, and the willingness to learn every aspect of the business.


“You’re only going to be good at what you’re doing if you understand how everything else is interrelated,” says Najjar.


IMG_9702Coming up, IL Moda will host invitation-only workshops for those in the fashion industry focusing on topics such as product development and building brands, bringing in speakers from LA and Las Vegas. They are also developing a fall makeup collection line with FY Beauty.


“It’s fun hearing people’s reactions to what we do and the whole strategy behind what we’re doing and why it’s working,” says Najjar. “It is a lot of work, but it’s what fuels my soul.”


To find out more about IL Moda go to their website at

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