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The Seasoned Farmhouse


Snuggled up in a renovated dentist’s office on High Street in Clintonville lies The Seasoned Farmhouse. A strand of lights drapes the front yard, which is surrounded by a garden complete with fresh flora. You just may also see a rehearsal dinner or 40th birthday party occurring on the lawn.


Yet, the real event that takes place at this charming locale is inside in its pristine cream kitchen. There, regulars and first-timers flock to attend quality cooking classes to acquire technique and arouse the taste buds.


“The Seasoned Farmhouse was created to inspire people to cook and help connect them to local farms, resources and ingredients,” Tricia Wheeler, owner of The Seasoned Farmhouse and Publisher of Edible Columbus, said.


“We’re really focused on techniques here, so we really try to teach people how to take fresh ingredients and to prepare them with the best technique that they can for the best results.”


With 15 instructors, the Farmhouse has the resources to provide a variety of classes ranging from ‘Making Raspberry Charlotte’ to ‘Southwestern Cooking.’ A new chef who specializes in charcuterie, also known as cold cooked meats, will offer classes in the fall.


Though Whole Foods stocks the pantry, fresh ingredients are a must. To get to the root of it all, the Farmhouse began offering gardening classes last July. One class that shows just how fun gardening can be is a cocktail gardening class in which students learn how to pot a mélange of herbs that our capable of being plummeted into cold mixed drinks.


For those truly wanting to master the art of French Cooking, apart from Julia Child’s bible of cookbooks, the Étoile Series is the logical fit. The series is also Wheeler’s favorite class to instruct.


SeasonedFarmhouse2-21“I really get to know the students at 30 weeks and we cook for three hours a week together and we pack a ton of recipes and projects and everything in and then dine together. So, it’s really rewarding to see their growth — at week 15 turning into these amazing what we call ‘home chefs’” Wheeler said.


It was not too long ago that Wheeler herself became proficient in French cuisine before the Farmhouse opened in May of 2013.


Wheeler said, “I had owned a background screening company and drug-testing company in Columbus that I started out of college. I had a degree in national security policy and criminology and was a passionate home cook and entertainer the whole time. It was a great business, but probably less reflective of my personality then what I’m doing now. “


Wheeler was able to further pursue her passion when she made the switch from criminologist to chef five years ago. “In 2009, I was fortunate to have sold my business … It was acquired by a national company and so it allowed me the opportunity to go to culinary school. I had always wanted to go and my parents said, ‘it’s a hobby’ and didn’t really encourage me out of high school to do it and so once I was married, you know had the means to go do this, my husband was really supportive and we moved to New York for a year,” explains Wheeler.


Wheeler, however, has no regrets concerning her unusual path to becoming a goddess of gustation. “I feel that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to appreciate the time of my life when I got to go had I done it earlier … and I appreciated my first business so much for really giving me a strong foundation in business,” says Wheeler.


The business ventures have not stopped for Wheeler. The Farmhousewill further its love of sharing the joy of cooking by breeching the gap between classes.


“We’d like to really enhance what we can kind of share between classes in terms of tips and ideas and the videos. You know, we’re really trying to enhance our digital pieces so that we can give more information,” says Wheeler.


SeasonedFarmhouse2-24The Seasoned Farmhouse is located at 3674 North High Street.


To learn more, visit their website here.



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