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Spotlight: The Shame Game

Carly Fisher and Ashley Pond, both OSU alumni working in the same stressful industry, came up with an idea over drinks one Happy Hour.


They wanted to create something that would bring people together and enable them to relive and share memories and laughs with their friends, family, coworkers, whoever.


“We think that everyone could use more fun and laughter in their day,” says Fisher. “We think that sharing funny events, stories, and memories with people is one of the best ways to bond and have some laughs.” About a year and a half ago, the duo decided to make their customized game experience idea a reality. Enter, The Shame Game.


The Shame game is similar to the standard question/answer card games you know and love. “However, it’s definitely not your old shame game,” laughs Fisher. The base set includes question and answer cards, so you can play upon purchase.


For game play, question cards have one, two, or three blanks. The answers can be words or pictures. “We’ve learned from playing other games that multi-blank questions can pose a challenge,” explains Fisher. “The cards submitted are often in the wrong order or get mixed up with other players’ cards,” she says.  As part of their project, Fisher and Pond created a shame submitter that has pockets to insert each of your answer cards, so they’ll never get mixed up again.


But the thing that makes The Shame Game Different is that after your initial purchase, you can have your own personalized cards created to add to your base set. “Your custom card creations can be question or answer cards, but best of all they can include pictures,” says Fisher.


“This means you can dig up your old hilarious photos from the past, and have them printed on cards to play with your friends and family. Most importantly, these custom cards are just for you. When you submit to have the cards printed, they go to you, and you only. No two games will ever be the same,” adds Fisher. 


Fisher details how the ability to add your personal photos, names, one liners, quotes, and friends’ funny content (that you may find online or with social media) to your question and answer cards makes this a game changer. 


“The element of surprise has been key, playing the game and not knowing what funny content your friends and family have waiting for you in the deck has been so much fun,” she shares. Explaining how this game can be anything you want it to be, because it’s all about you!  


“If you want to create a bunch of cards with pictures of Aussie-doodles like Pond might want to share with her dog park friends, then doodle it up people! If you would rather stick to embarrassing your friends and family with childhood and college pictures they forgot about – that’s cool too. It all ends up leading to storytelling and laughing so hard you cry,” Fisher says. 


If you’re wondering when you’d play this game, Fisher says it’s perfect for birthday parties, reunions, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and could definitely liven up game nights with friends. “Digging up and gathering old photos for our base set has been so much fun,” she explains. “We found so many amazing hard copy pictures in boxes and albums that we were able to duplicate and share with friends along the way, creating some hilarious responses.” 


Fisher adds, “today, everyone snaps photos and can easily share them online. But what about those classics laying around in everyone’s basement? Now you can share them in a fun and creative way.”


Fisher and Pond are getting The Shame Game together through their Kickstarter campaign. “It’s been stressful to pull everything together. But we’re confident after holding test events that if we can get the word out, this concept will appeal to backers and we’ll have a successful campaign,” Fisher shares. 


They also want to be able to grow the business to a point where they can donate a portion of the profits to an anti-bullying campaign.


“Sharing memories and laughs should always be fun and respectful,” says Fisher. 


Fisher shares that everyone backing The Shame Game on Kickstarter can preorder their own base set(s) until December 23. “When our campaign is successful, we’ll be able to fulfill the preorders, enhance our website, and create an app to enable people to easily order their custom playing cards.” 


She adds that they’ll also be able to offer matching merchandise like stickers, buttons, and shirts to wear out with friends from “The Shame Shop.”


To learn more about The Shame Game, visit and check out their Kickstarter page. You can also follow them on Instagram: @theshamegameofficial or email for questions. Watch their Kickstarter video for a more in-depth explanation on how to play:  


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