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Clean That Resting Witch Face

Inspired by her own skincare struggles, Alicia Marie brewed up her own soap and skin care shop, The Witch’s Bath, in 2016 with one item in her store: Witch’s Clay Cleanser.


“I have cystic acne, hyper-pigmentation, and scarring all over my face and finding facial soaps and scrubs that work for me was both difficult and time consuming,” Marie shares. 


She wanted to try her hand at making her own products. So Marie researched the benefits of using natural exfoliators, humectants, and essential oils to help heal and cleanse inflamed, sensitive skin.


“Thus, my clay cleanser was born,” she says, adding, “I used it myself and shared it with my family and everyone reported how smooth and even their skin became with repeated use.” The Witch’s Clay Cleanser became the backbone of her shop. “It was the first item I sold to someone I didn’t know, and encouraged me to develop different products,” she recalls.


Since then, Marie has expanded into bath bombs, solid bubble bath bars, bath melts/truffles, bar soaps, and soon-to-come sugar scrubs. “I have a love for all things bright and colorful, and bath bombs let me express that love,” she says.


“Combining a multitude of colors with skin softening ingredients like sodium bicarbonate, sweet almond oil and sea salt, brings fun and vibrant beauty care to my customers,” she adds. Revealing that she’s gone through a lot of trial and error in order to achieve the highest quality products. “I’m a stickler for accuracy and want my customers to have the best experiences when they use my products,” Marie says.


The bath bombs are her bestsellers, and she released new items this year for Halloween. According to Marie, her top two are Gem Head Bath Bomb and Pumpkin Bubble Bar. The Pumpkin Bubble bar is a solid bubble bath bar that you crumble under running water for big, fluffy bubbles. It’s great for those who love a tub full of bubbles and waters packed with moisturizing oils. 


The Gem Heads are skull bombs with a rich butter blend of cocoa and mango shaped into a gem and  placed directly in the skull’s forehead. “They make for a really cool design and smell and look amazing in the bath,” Marie says.


You can learn more about The Witch’s Bath by visiting, and be sure to follow her on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter: @thewitchsbath. 


Marie is also excited to announce that she’ll be selling at her first holiday fair this year. December 2, from 9AM-3PM at the Mini Market Holiday Show in Bexley. You can learn more by visiting the Facebook Event page



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