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True Passion for Fashion

See how a Columbus-based entrepreneur is channeling her passion for fashion and enthusiasm for the local style community through a fashion blog and online boutique. 


Khola Waddy-Jones at Thread on Grandview.

Khola Waddy-Jones at Thread on Grandview.

Khola Waddy-Jones was heading down the path for a career in finance right after college. But in 2010, she decided to leave Corporate America to pursue one of her ultimate dreams: to work in fashion.


She started a fashion blog called Khola’s Kloset, which features photos of her wearing her favorite styles and trends. Two years later, she started 24Seven Couture, “Columbus’ Premier Online Luxury Consignment Boutique.”


“The idea came to me one night as I started thinking about how Columbus at the time only had one high end consignment shop,” explains Waddy-Jones. “Why not another? One with less wait time for the consigners proceeds? One based solely online?”


Thus, 24SevenCouture was born. The business is organized and efficient in its purpose: Once the customer decides to consign with her, they get all their information right away. Buyers get the time frame with which the items will be listed, an accurate estimate of what the items will sell for and when to expect the money from the sale.


“The purpose of 24SevenCouture is to consign high-end designer clothes and accessories for my clients via eBay auctions lasting 7-14 days,” says Waddy-Jones. “Consignors receive their proceeds within two weeks of their sales. They also receive a higher percentage than traditional brick & mortar consignment shops.”


Waddy-Jones admits that running her own business is quite unpredictable but rewarding. “It’s different each day but I enjoy it because it allows me to participate in things throughout the week such as my involvement in CMH Fashion Week as Style Director, something I would not have been able to do with a 9-5 job,” explains Waddy-Jones.


Waddy-Jones traces her love of fashion back to the age of five after seeing her first issue of Vogue Magazine at the grocery store. Since then, she has accomplished a great deal in the world of fashion from being featured in publications like Columbus Weekly and Columbus Socialite to working for CMH Fashion Week.


As a fashion entrepreneur, she works with all kinds of fabulous fashion labels from Gucci to Marc Jacobs to Oscar de la Renta. She lists Yves Sant Laurent, Martin Margiela, Prada and Chanel as her favorite brands to work with. But Waddy-Jones lists her clientele as the best part of her job rather than the clothes itself. “The best part of my business is meeting new clients and helping them downsize and make more space for new items,” explains Waddy-Jones. “There are some truly fabulous closets in Columbus!”


She has many great hopes for the future from opening a brick and mortar store in the future to sell furs that are difficult to sell online. She recently expanded to consign men’s high end suiting last year. She also hopes her business will grow and expand into the city.


For more information about her business, visit 



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