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Under Aurora

Years of experience working at Grandview’s Earth Elements, meant Tina De Broux knew about working with natural body care products. And in 2015, a few years after she moved back to Columbus (from NYC) when she was pregnant with her daughter, De Broux launched Under Aurora. Her very own line of plant-based fragrances, skincare, and body care products.


“I had years of experience making natural body care products from working at Earth Elements throughout high school and college, so I decided to pick that up again and developed a line of products,” De Broux explains. For her, the mission with Under Aurora is to make high quality products that are free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, and other harsh chemicals.


“The line is also inspired by everything I’m passionate about including art, film, music and feminism,” she adds. 


Under Aurora has a wide range of offerings:

  • a line of facial care products
    • gentle cleanser, balancing toner, nourishing oil, and a brightening scrub
  • a line of fragrances
    • comes in either a concentrated roll-on oil or a lighter body spritz
  • a line of hand lotions
  • a line of candles
  • a spray-on moisturizing body or hair oil
    • the Coconut Oil Spray


De Broux says the Coconut Oil Spray is by far her most popular product. It’s infused with lavender, tea tree, and calendula; which are all botanicals that promote healing and soothe irritated skin. The oil itself is super light and soaks right in, so you won’t be left feeling greasy.


She also mentions that, “you can use it in place of a lotion and also to heal rashes, burns, bug bites, etc. It can also be used for hydrating and protecting hair or beard oil.” 


During February, De Broux and Under Aurora was at Columbus Flea (February 5) at Strongwater. She’ll also be did a Valentine’s Day Pop-up with Jewelweed Floral Studio (February 11). “I’ll be there with all my products, Leigh Cox Illustrations will be there too, with her beautiful drawings. And our friend Leilani will be there reading Tarot,” De Broux details. 


De Broux also held, as she says, “a super fun Galentine’s Day workshop” at Dough Mama (February 13). At the event, attendees got to make 3 crafts to take home: a small macrame wall hanging with Sarah Harste Weavings, an herbal bath tea with Wild Origins, and a sensual massage oil with Under Aurora. Stay tuned to Under Aurora’s social feeds and website for upcoming events and collaborations. 


Learn more about Tine De Broux and Under Aurora by visiting the website at and by following along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @underaurora.