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Be A Warrior

How do you inspire – and outfit – male yoga partitioners? That’s the question Jered Seibert answers with Warrior Wear: a yoga apparel company that focuses on the masculine side of the practice.

Jered Seibert is a seven year resident of Columbus who began his career in finance. But one night, he was sitting on the couch, searching online for a type of yoga short that was compression-based, but not skin tight.

“I quickly realized that, not only did the shorts not exist, there were very few options for men,” Seibert says. “Sarcastically, I told my wife that I should just make them myself! After she laughed and commented about how much I must dislike my job, she told me that I should start a men’s yoga line and that I should call it Warrior Wear.”

The next morning, Seibert purchased the website domain. Six months later, he left his job (on the day before his wedding, actually), and the following month he got started. All that happened back in September 2016.

That’s how Warrior Wear came to be. According to Seibert, from a brand perspective, it’s a yoga apparel company that focuses on the masculine side of the practice. From a product sense, it specializes in a unique line of men’s yoga shorts.

“We try to curate products that align with more traditional masculine companies in terms of durability, craftsmanship, stitching, and design. In essence, we are a men’s yoga apparel company, although at some point I hope to expand that,” Seibert explains. 

Additionally, Seibert says the inspiration for starting the company evolved from an idea to outfit and inspire male practitioners. “I’d like to help enhance their experience on the mat with a product they don’t have to think about. One that stays in place, one that keeps its shape, and one that doesn’t get in the way,” he explains. “Personally, I was bit tired of either shorts that were so thin I felt exposed or shorts that had so much fabric, they impeded my practice.”

Seibert wants to create a brand that could inspire male practitioners. He shares how the fastest growing segment of the yoga demographic is male. “Yet, I feel like they’re an underserved market with only a couple of brands to accommodate them. I wanted to create a brand that could help men feel more comfortable in the community with images of practitioners that could be athletes or businessmen. Not just the ‘traditional’ yogi that most companies use,” he says.

And for Seibert, his favorite part of growing Warrior Wear has been waking up every morning to do the work. “The brand and the products have been really well received, the community support has been endless, and the vision of the company has become an outlet of creativity and expression for all of us who have worked on it,” he shares. 

The most popular item in the Warrior Wear collection of shorts is “The Khan.” The shorts are made of a synthetic material with an athletic feel and finished with an EPA certified treatment to add moisture wicking and antibacterial properties. Seibert adds that their second most sold item is a pair of shorts named “The Wallace.” These shorts are produced from bamboo, one of the world’s most sustainable, breathable, and comfortable fabrics. 

Warrior Wear also has a collection of unisex short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts, as well as a sweatshirt, a tank top, and a pullover for those who wish to join the Warrior Wear cause.

And if you’re ready for Warrior Wear, starting December 4 thru December 31, everything will be marked down 15% for the holidays.

They’re also offering free shipping and will pack everything in one of their complimentary signature drawstring duffle bags with a couple of surprise goodies. “As always, a portion of our proceeds will also go to the Yoga Readiness Initiative,” Seibert says. “It’s an amazing program that introduces members of our military community to yoga and meditation.”

Seibert shares how Warrior Wear’s goal for the holidays is to give people a unique locally produced product that they’ll have for many years to come. “And to remind them that the holidays are truly about the intangible moments with friends and family, both on and off the mat. Namaste.”

You can learn more (and shop) Warrior Wear by visiting them online at And be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram: @yogawarriorwear



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