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What A Pet Wants

Laurie Deerwester moved to Columbus in 2000. She has a partner and dogs, and volunteers for Rescue Me Ohio – the state’s largest internet-based information and education rescue site. But after working downtown for 10 years as a Subway owner, she realized she wanted to do something different. 


“I wanted to do something that brought me great joy even if I didn’t make a lot of money doing it. I had owned a Subway for 10 years and felt that all I ever did was put out fires,” Deerwester recalls. 


Then the opportunity to become a part of Pet Wants presented itself. Deerwester was introduced to the company by another Pet Wants franchisee; one who also does dog rescue.  She explains how they met over an old blind Boxer that she had crossposted about on Rescue Me Ohio. 


“I was intrigued. I reached out to them. I was a committed within two weeks time and a franchisee in about two months time.  My company name is Old Blind Dog, in honor of Ray, the old blind Boxer that started this whole crazy thing,” shares Deerwester.  


Currently it’s only Deerwester working as PetWants Columbus North. But it’s still quite the local feel. Pet Wants is an Ohio-based company that sells high quality food that is produced in the state. Their food is slow-cooked to lock in nutrients and is made in frequent, small batches. They deliver the fresh and highly nutritional food to their customers within weeks – not months – of being made. 


Deerwester details how Pet Wants mainly carries food, food supplements, treats, and some paw products.  She has several foods that sell very well, like the chicken and brown rice, whitefish and duck which is grain free, and the senior/less active formula.


She adds, “Obviously, Columbus people are concerned about their pets, even in their golden years.  For our paw products, the paw wax and Mosquito/Flea/Tick repellent have been the most popular non-food items.”


Deerwester plans on having a storefront opening soon, hopefully no later than the end of July. The storefront will be in Worthington, at the Sharon Square Shopping Center (5594 N. High St. #E).  She shares that as the opening date gets closer, she’ll start posting about a Grand Opening.  But that, “people are more than welcome to stop in and watch the progress.” 


In the meantime, you can find DeerWester and Pet Wants at most weekend events. She’s also at the North Market on eight dates through the Summer and Fall. She also participates in Gahanna’s Paws on the Plaza, which takes place the first Thursday of each month. She’ll also be at some larger events like Fetch a Friend, Dublin Pet Fair, and Gateway Yappy Hour. 


Deerwester services the Lifestyle Communities in New Albany, Gahanna, Canal Winchester, and downtown Columbus.  All her events are posted on the Facebook page (so be sure to follow). Visit online at to see her bio and to place orders for food and products. And be sure to check out all the pics over on Instagram: @pwcolumbusnorth


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