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Which Home Style Are You?

I watch HGTV all the time, and I love seeing the range from fixer-uppers and retro-chic tiny homes, to urban brown stones and contemporary “cribs” of the rich and famous. Of course, during the show, I always think I could see myself living there, but then… could I *really*?


There’s a way to find out what your style truly is! Just click here to take the quiz. After answering a few questions, you’ll get the results to see what your Home Style personality truly is!


For example — I personally love trying out new restaurants and fun things to do on the weekends since that’s really the only time I see the hubs because of his weird hours. From the quiz, I learned means I’m more suited for a new home… one that I don’t have to be working on updating throughout my weekends and can spend time enjoying time with the fam! However, one of my best friends LOVES tearing down walls, painting, and restoring her old home. So, she would totally want to spend her weekends doing “Demo Day” with her husband. Personally, I just don’t have time (or patience) for that, so I wasn’t surprised when I got a new home as my style!


Take the quiz and feel free to share your results in the comments below! Enjoy!

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