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White Canvas Designs

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently recommended that everyone wear a mask when going out in public. The goal behind the recommendation is to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, and White Canvas Designs wants to help. 

White Canvas Designs is selling washable and high heated dry masks to sterilize and kill viruses. The business decided to start offering masks due to the shortage of personal protective equipment for nurses and civilians alike. 

Details on the masks say to remove the mask from the back and void allowing things you won’t or can’t immediately and properly sterilize from touching the mask. Once the mask is removed, place it in a one-time-use bag and pull out another while that one is cleaning. 

White Canvas Designs added that they want to help everyone in need, so those who are unable to purchase a mask can reach out to them and they’ll donate.

If you don’t purchase a mask from White Canvas Designs, they suggest some general information when choosing a mask. “Make sure they are washable and high heated dryable to sterilize and kill the virus,” they shared on social media. 

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