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Wildflower Fresh Beauty

Wildflower Fresh Beauty offers beauty products including makeup, body oil, and more.

Laura Wilging wants to offer true flower power with her business Wildflower Fresh Beauty. 

“Wildflower is a small batch skincare and beauty line with true flower power,” she says. “We deliver fresh beauty to you, including delivery to your doorstep and shipping outside of our local delivery area.”

What she says is one-part mad scientist, another part magician, Wilging is passionate about everything she does and strives to provide her clients with the best possible products.

“I have always been unconventional in my thoughts on beauty and ingredients, making me more of a wildflower,” she says. 

Laura Wilging, Founder of Wildflower Fresh Beauty

Wilging has been creating and developing her own skincare products for the last 16 years, and offers cleansers, moisturizers, face creams, foundations, perfumes, body oil, candles, and more. 

Part of what makes Wildflower stand out is that she uses crushed and dried wildflowers in a large number of products, and all of her products are void of talc, parabens, and bismuth oxychloride. 

“I had a storefront for almost 20 years and decided to take my company in a new direction in 2020,” she says. “Think of like flower delivery, but we deliver fresh beauty instead.” 

Wilging says she’s looking forward to the new year for her business. “I have so many exciting items in the works for 2021, including an amazing highlighting bronzer, gorgeous customer made cosmetic bags, and, by popular demand, our very own cruelty free, faux mink lashes that come in 4 styles to match our every mood,” she says. 

To learn more about Wildflower Fresh Beauty or to shop their products, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram

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