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Your Skin and CBD

I am more than familiar with the struggles of skin ailments.  I have grown up with the itchiness and scarring of eczema, as have my daughters. Skin is the largest organ of our body and unfortunately when it is inflamed and painful the symptoms can be overwhelming.  

We are coming to the end of Psoriasis Action Month which encourages me to share the successes we have had with our psoriasis patients as well as other skin ailment patients that use our Body Butter CBD cream. Cannabidiol reduces the inflammation that many skin conditions are plagued with, as well as decreases pain, and the excessive cell overgrowth that occurs with psoriasis. Combined with our moisturizing formulation of Shea Butter, Safflower Oil and Cacao Seed Butter as well as other essential oils and terpenes, our Body Butter, which contains 400mg of CBD, produces amazing results for our patients. 

I no longer use steroids for my eczema since using the Body Butter and many of our hard to treat psoriasis patients have either stopped the use of their topical prescriptions or reduced them greatly. See below the amazing testimony of one of our clients.  

Skin may seem like a simple thing to many, but if you have suffered with a skin ailment you will understand that treating your skin correctly calms your mind and decreases your stress as well. Be the support and advocate that you need for yourself to grow and Reclaim Your Wellness!

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Dr. Williams is a Board-certified family physician, cannabinoid physician and life coach. She is the owner of Green Harvest Health Clinics and GHH CBD Medicinals. Learn more at

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